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TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio Download] [addons]

TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio Download] [addons]

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About This Software

※ 日本語の案内は英文の下にあります! ※

Easily and quickly make your own multi-platform visual novels with TyranoBuilder, even if you know nothing about game programming or scripting!

Bring your creativity to reality with our suite of drag-and-drop tools, plus scripting language for advanced users.

Games made with TyranoBuilder can be easily exported to Windows, Mac, browsers, or converted* for iOS and Android smart devices, then sold via distributors such as Steam, the Apple AppStore, or GooglePlay!

*Requires free third party software. See the TyranoBuilder Tutorial for details.


★ Easy & fast to Use! ★
No programming knowledge required! Fire up and start creating games immediately with TyranoBuilder’s simple and intuitive drag & drop interface!

★ Multi-platform! ★
Create games on Windows or Mac, and export for Windows, iOS*, Android*, smartphones and tablets, or browsers!

*iOS and Android require conversion using free third party software. See the TyranoBuilder Tutorial for details.

★ Fully featured! ★
Easily add scenes, characters, dialogue, story branches, music, movies and more!

★ Powerful! Flexible! ★
Customize every aspect of your game with the included TyranoScript scripting language!

★ Outstanding Value! ★
Create and sell your own visual novels for only $14.99! Requires NO license fees or royalties of any kind!


Praise for TyranoBuilder!

"Super intuitive! Within minutes I was up and running and already had a scene nearly finished. The ability to basically do everything without ever needing to know any kind of programming is going to make this a smash hit." - Hardcore Gamer

"This software is amazing, really easy to use." - Nerd Maldito

"Hands down the fastest way of creating a visual novel with no coding required." - Rice Digital

"Easier than peeling a banana." - G-Genius & P4G





ティラノビルダーで制作されるゲームは簡単にWindows、 MacOS、ブラウザー向けにエクスポートすることができ、iOS やアンドロイド端末向けに移植※出来る。

さらに、制作したゲームをSteam、Apple AppStore、GooglePlayなどで発売もできる!



★ 使いやすい!早い! ★

★ マルチプラットフォーム! ★
WindowsあるいはMacOSでゲームを制作し、Windows、 iOS※、 アンドロイド※、 スマホ、タブレット、ブラウザー用にエクスポート出来る!


★ 数多くの強力な機能を搭載! ★

★ 強力!柔軟なカスタマイズ! ★

★ お買い得!! ★

★★★ 直ぐに購入し、ノベルゲーム制作にチャレンジしよう ★★★


- Hardcore Gamer

「このソフトは凄い。本当に使いやすい。」 Nerd Maldito

「バナナの皮を剥くより簡単。」 G-Genius、P4G


Title: TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio
Genre: Utilities
Nyu Media
Release Date: 27 Mar, 2015


  • OS: Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8
  • Processor: 1.5Ghz Processor or better
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated Graphics Chip
  • Storage: 500 MB available space


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I love it! It's not only much cheaper than the competition, but MUCH BETTER too. How much better? This software was made by someone who knows about visual novels. This software WORKS for the intended purpose!! IT WORKS! You can create with it. \u3088\u304b\u3063\u305f\uff01

Visual Novel Maker, on the other hand, is a scam from beginning to the end.. I love it! It's not only much cheaper than the competition, but MUCH BETTER too. How much better? This software was made by someone who knows about visual novels. This software WORKS for the intended purpose!! IT WORKS! You can create with it. \u3088\u304b\u3063\u305f\uff01

Visual Novel Maker, on the other hand, is a scam from beginning to the end.

TyranoBuilder Updated to v1.8!:
TyranoBuilder Updated to v1.8!

We just flipped the switch and TyranoBuilder is now updated to v1.8! In addition to various tweaks and improvements for optimization and stability, this update includes:

Image Galleries. TyranoBuilder 1.80 Out This Week:
Hey, TyranoBuilders!

We are in the final stages of preparing to release the latest update TyranoBuilder, which will bring us up to v1.8. We will publish a complete list of features and fixes on the day of release, but in the meantime, this is a heads up that v1.8 will be available this week (aiming for Friday, but maybe sooner!)

Today our community manager, jay_rab, will host a preview of the update on his Twitch channel, and go through some of the new features, most notably the all-new CG gallery and replay gallery tools - now you can easily add both types of galleries to your TyranoBuilder games! The preview will include how to build gallery pages and set images or replays to unlock in your games. Naturally, no scripting or HTML experience is necessary!

For a preview of the new Image Galleries and Replay Galleries, you can check out the draft tutorial page here:

Or jump on jay_rab’s stream today starting at 10:30 AM EST here: which we will swap out with a link to the video as soon as the VOD is uploaded"
. Announcing the TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam!:
Time to unleash your inner creator! Starting next Monday (Aug 17th), we will hold a month-long contest for games developed in TyranoBuilder, and the winners will receive $800 in cash prizes!

Don’t own a copy of TyranoBuilder? Now is the perfect time to pick it up! You can get TyranoBuilder for just $11.24 (25% off) in the Japanese Indie Games Festival currently running on Steam!

Hurry, though – the offer ends on August 17th!

Stand by for more details to follow and the competition start on Monday!!. Tyranobuilder Update Drops This Friday!:
Hey Tyrano's,

We have version 1.7 almost ready to go and will be releasing it this coming Friday. In the meantime, we have a list of features and a vod for you to check out:

★Redesigned Default Menus
★Added Config Menu
★Setting: Change Number of Save Slots
★Preview Editor For Default Menus (Change Background, Header, and back buttons)
★Programable Hotkeys For Basic Functions (Go to menu, Fullscreen, Skip, Continue)
★Fade to Black Components
★Blend Components (Adds Built in Filters, Helpful For Creating Time of Day Effects)
★Move Character Component (No need To Use The Anim Tag for Characters Any Longer)
★Force Thumbnail Capture Component For Save File Images
★Disable Mouse And Keyboard Component
★Scenes Now Have Tabs As You Open Them (Helpful To Switch Between Scenes Quickly)
★Add Strokes, Shadows and Anti-Aliasing to Fonts
★Text Components Now Allow You To Set How They Handle The Text
★PreBuilt Themes Now Included For Users Who Do Not Want To Make A Custom Theme Or Dont Know How To

Full details to follow when we roll out on Friday!

To check out the VOD go here:

We’re looking forward to sharing this latest version and new features with you! Thank you all for being such a great community!. New Android & IOS Export Tutorial:

Since the start of TyranoBuilder, we have wanted to make exporting your project easier whether that be as an exe, browser, or even for a mobile device. And because of that, we are always looking for new ways to make that possible.

With Android, in particular, the third party means of getting from our export to an APK are always changing. So we made a tool which we are calling TyranoPlayer which handles most of the steps that are going to be consistent with every project allowing you to move from throwing your export into TyranoPlayer to Android Studio so that you're ready to press that build APK button.

Like always, our tutorials can be found on the website here:

We are delighted to get this out to all of you and hope you will give it a try and tell us how it goes! Especially in regards to the android export due to how easy it has become.. Game Jam 2018 Finalist announced! Congrats!:

Hey TyranoBuilders!

This years game jam blew me away with the quality of the entries and all the different takes you did on the theme we provided! We are super happy to announce the winners of the game jam finally.

To see who won the Gold, Silver, and Bronze slots you can check out the Placement page here: Rankings[]. 25% OFF Tyranobuilder during Japanese Indie Games Festival:
Hey Tyranos,

The The EASIEST and FASTEST tool to make your own multi-platform visual novels is celebrating the Japanese Indie Games Festival with a 25% off sale along with other doujin titles:

You can also check out the full list of titles on sale here which include some of our other games like eXceed - Gun Bullet Children , Cherry Tree High Comedy Club , Supercharged Robot VULKAISER , andThe Sacred Tears TRUE here: TyranoBuilder Spring Jam Winners for 2017!:

For a more detailed winners list with screenshots and our Guest Judge feedback on the game please visit:

Hey TyranoBuilders,

We have the results for the winners of the 2nd annual TyranoBuilder Game Jam, but before we share those details I would like to thank everyone who participated.

We had a great turnout and was even featured on the front page on for the month, all of the entries were very well made and it made judging extra hard with all the talent that was shown.

I want to thank the judges for their time that they took out this last month in going over each entry for review. Now without further ado, the winners for the TyranoBuilder

Spring Game Jam 2017:

For Gold: Dome King Cabbage Chapter 0

For Silver: Eyas

For Bronze: The Refenestration of Prague

For Bronze: From the Ashes

For Bronze: No Other Medicine

There is so many other games who made our personal top picks, if your interested in playing them for free, check them out here:

Once again thank you everyone who took part in this years game jam, we look forward to hearing from you all soon. We will be sending out messages to those who won to get their details sorted out in the upcoming weeks so make sure your account has a means to contact you by.. Summer Game Jam Ended! Voting begins!:

Thanks to everyone who entered and for those who just joined to keep an eye out on the Jam, we have 22 wonderful entries that have been a worked on for the last 2 months and I can already see the fruit of their labor!

Judging will take a month, I know this can be a long time to wait to see what the results are but it part of the picture when we have guest judges who are professionals in their field who are also developing things full time. We cant thank our guest judges enough and will be posting about them on our social media as this month goes on.

If you have any questions about the Jam, the forums are still open to chat with others and the host, we will try to answer all your questions so feel free to reach out to us ether on game jam community: or Steam: were we have a thread focused on the Jam.

Thank you all so much for your entries, your support, and those of you who didnt enter please go show some support to the other creators by stopping by their entries and giving it a play and comment!​. Summer Game Jam about to come to a close!:

We are always excited when we have these game jams as it allows us to see all the amazing things the community comes up with, whether funny or serious, heartfelt or dark, each creator has a story to tell and we are happy to be able to be a part of seeing that story told.

There are two more days left for creators to finish their works to be submitted for the jam, so this is a reminder for our community to get your entries in BEFORE Friday at 2:00 PM. The Jam will automatically close after 2:00PM not allowing entries.

If you have any issues entering please get ahold of us as soon as possible and we will work on getting you successfully entered. Best way to contact us is either through the steam forums: or's forums:

To get to the Game Jam go here:

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