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Twilight"New Moon" Inspired poem entitled "Magnets"

If you are a fan of Twilight series then you should know that New Moon is not the honeymoon phase of their courtship, I entitled it "Magnets" because even though you may be able too pull magnets apart they always are binded back together by the same chemsitry....


Lost in this solitude of complaceney
You ask who is the real me
Offended by fact that words will fail to shed the light
Into my impervious determined plight
You lie bare and raw like a tree branch uprooted from its soil
Tainted are the leaves that use to breathe its air into my heart that was once so loyal
Forgone are the tender smiles that use to be our truth
Lost in the simpleness of believing as we did in our youth

Pain from loving you is more then my mind allows
I predict the consequences of my actions suddenly everything solid around me falls

I am walking down a road blindsided
The Lord is only one in whom Ive ever truly confided
Each word leaving my lips is spoken in pain
I know you think me selfish I know you think me vain
I ask you what do you need of me
In your eyes exist the disapproval I never imagined youd give up so easily
I know at this moment you can only breathe hate
I pray you will forgive me this will not be end of our fate
I am like a kite detached unreachable
Gravity did pull be down in your love I found that I was teachable
Ask me who I am please ask me who I am
I am one who loved you then let you go on a whim

Done: Mel H

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