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 I wonder if the sun has risen yet

hard too tell night from day lost in this constant slumber

my tower of fear grows higher each day

conversations with only myself im running out of things to say


shall I wait on concrete bed small soft pillow to cushion the blow

arms crossed over my heart waiting for true loves kiss

to awaken me how foolish to never question what I might of missed


ive tightened the rope of misconstrued happiness and let it fall

slowly I start climbing too afraid too look down so eager to reach solid ground

 finally I grasp   that the  ideal childhood dream of love will never be found 


fresh rain seems so inviting but soon reveals the dark muddy paths ahead

Ive lost my footing in the beautiful green grass its not as delicate as imagined

my hair dishoveled my dress ruined  scratches all over me from blades grass

 ive given up everything I know how many more nights  till true love  finds me will pass


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