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About This Game

When Kai hears that his next door neighbor, Chris, will be staying with him while her parents are overseas, he thinks nothing of it. They're best friends, after all, and have been since childhood. To him, she's just "one of the guys", and a sleepover is nothing new.

But what Kai doesn’t realize is that, tomboy or not, Chris is now an adult woman. Furthermore, she has a strong sex drive, and she's planning to use their cohabitation as an excuse to show him sides of her that Kai never knew existed.

Just as Chris's advances begin to take effect, however, an obstacle appears: Sophie, Kai's most recent crush. She's a beautiful girl who radiates kindness, and naturally attracts people of both sexes towards her. Her only downfall appears to be that, for every nice word spoken about her, an equal number of heinous rumors drag her name through the mud...

Will the advances of Sophie, the girl whom Kai has been pining over for months, manage to sway his heart? Or will Chris finally convince him that the perfect woman was by his side all along?

  • 5 different endings depending on your choices
  • 2 romanceable girls
  • Hi-res artwork in 1440p resolution
  • Free patch to uncensor explicit content

Title: Tomboys Need Love Too!
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Release Date: 12 May, 2017


i`m old end experienced H-gamer and that what i think about this game:
art - very nice
stroy - interesting and good written (thou main hero is an idiot)
music - also nice
thats it, i recommend it, fun game.. Is something wrong with everything being wrong?

PROS: The art is decent among the game, and the censored version actually doesn't detract too much from the overall story. It's relatively brief, and it's nice to have a visual novel where the characters are consistent the entire way through. Chris is the best character in the game, despite having a fairly basic personality, by breaking form with a lot of the tomboy stereotypes. She's not a tsundere, she's not overly butch, she's really not a tomboy...wait, where was I going with this?

CONS: All right, the main character is incredibly thick, to the point where I believe it could be argued that he's a parody of the naive, overly trusting male character. The music is hit or miss for the background. The main problem I have with the game is the message it tries to pull in the more serious choices that are made. Sure, I can clearly tell what they were trying to do (abuse is bad and ruins people's lives, regardless of what kind), but the way it's handled misses the point in any meaningful way. It feels a bit lazy in how it's handled, and the slapdash way it's resolved. Perhaps it's more frustrating that it's just 'resolved' with a quaint, 'it took some time, but we solved it' ending.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Since most of the choices don't affect the overall plot until the later half, it becomes fairly simply to breeze through.

FINAL: For a game with Tomboy in the title, it really was lacking it. It's a safe and basic visual novel that really won't offend anyone or push any boundaries, and could be recommended for that, but it came across as uninteresting, and with so many other games that handle such a title better, I can't see myself returning to this one.

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