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Alone in this darkness

there is no guiding light

the air  is thickening

it suffocates your will to fight

like a mime without using words

who tells story with just his hands

you try to let them into your chapter

but noone seems to understand

demons have become hard to slaughter

thier fire ignites your fears and their will to live

leaching on to dreams that you hold onto

until you have nothing left to give

hour glass has been flipped over

sands of life are falling way to fast

upon your knees you beg and plead

but they keep slipping through your grasp

Alone in this darkness you can not see

Alone in this darkness you always had me

Alone in this darkness as you finally succumb to your fears

Alone in this darkness is where you'll find my tears.

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Comment by Brian Allossery on October 14, 2014 at 3:39pm

Very nice! Thx for sharing Melanie....



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