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The recommend player for FIFA 20 newbie

"FIFA20" players may not have any top players in the early stage, so choosing the right player in the land reclamation will become a more important thing. The better player will enhance the chance of getting more FIFA Coin. This is very useful.


Yannick Ferreira-Carrasco

Carrasco, double 4 has the speed to have a pass and pass, the body is almost, there is no need for speed.

 Marko Arnautovic

A brain, 192cm white and hard and double 4, the middle of the road can not penetrate when there is a brain to pass it. Speed ​​dog can change Bakanbu / Teixeira.


Hulk, the speed is not enough for the body to come together, raw and healthy, and the martial arts. If you are not used to the reverse foot, you can change position. Hulk is the left foot and Kara right foot.


Marek Hamsik

Hamsik, hair sticks pass the ball, straight and over the top can be in place, the body weakness should not be hard.
Anderson Talisca

Guangzhou Tower, Dazhuyu, HL mentality, have the opportunity to go up and kick, will also be fined free kick.


Violent birds, hexagonal warriors, HH mentality, which is him, 92 physical strength can not run, this must be 10 times the price in the Premier League.

This generation seems to be important in passing the ball. The ecstasy can pass the gap and tear the line of defense. I don’t know if it is like a Silva.


The Bundesliga defender Tiantuan average height of 190cm, Red Bull two sideguards 187 and 189, no longer afraid of being buckled after the point, LB speed is a bit slow, remember to set the stay.

The two central defenders are in the middle of the rules, big and tall, the speed is not slow, the defense is not bad, and the basic starting price. If the goalkeeper uses the Bundesliga, one of them can be replaced with a konate, which is big, black and hard.


Goalkeeper Farman, who came to the Premier League this year, does not exaggerate that the Premier League's friends can always use him to buy money to buy ducks.

This set of 30,000 FIFA Coins can be done.

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