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The NBA 2K series is unlike other sports

The NBA 2K series is unlike other sports franchises as NBA 2K22 MT it has a vibrant and engaged community. This is the reason why they hold games that reward players in-game. One example is scanning the face of a participant, while another is giving locker codes on social media.

Make a habit of checking their social media accounts every day, and searching online for Locker Codes. These are free VC and MyTeam bonuses, some which are would take several weeks or hours of game time to gain.

Both MyCareer (and MyTeam) use Virtual Currency (VC), to increase their levels. To gain Virtual Currency (VC), players can create their very best center and complete their quests.

It is possible to use one to Buy MT 2K22 feed the other. Even if you're only a basic player and haven't upgraded, could still earn a few thousand VC coins an hour. After a few days playing MyCareer it is possible to purchase the most expensive package with MyTeam.

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