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The melee reform with the Path of Exile has finally arrived.

The update path to the Legion Legion can be used and contains some with the longest patch descriptions I have ever seen. The two most important changes are, firstly, it adds a whole new Legion Challenge Alliance, that you will go to the battlefield to freeze soon enough, smash the enemies to wake them up and collect lots of spoils. Second, and maybe more importantly, its content has Action-RPG's long-awaited melee overhaul, that ought to make the enemy around the face increased amounts of satisfaction.

When you attack, it's simple to POE Currency hit multiple targets automatically - prior to a game automatically chooses a target in your case. You can now also interrupt skill animations by moving or moving tricks. As long as you don't do any injury to your skills, you may go straight away to another skill immediately.

Your accuracy isn't limited to 95%, which means the enemy won't be able to avoid certain attacks. Enemies with shields can block attacks, however, they only block a portion with the damage, not every.

The animation should certainly smoother: Dual-handed men and women "alternate attacks in a very more natural way", making your deputy weapon selection more important.

The way the enemy attacks has additionally changed: it doesn't just lock up on you, they are doing damage within the 120-degree arc before them, which means you'll be able to avoid obstacles for anyone who is fast enough. The enemy is attacking slowly, making it easier to react with the correct action or skill before being hit.

For the Legion Challenge Alliance, players will quickly realize the boulder they are able to activate on this planet to unfreeze the standard battlefield and Buy POE Currency defeat the revolutionary active soldiers. You will get a "great reward" from all of these soldiers, the current styles a split, you may combine it in a badge. Placing several badges for the map device will need you into the eternal conflict area, in which you will combat some from the troops you might have faced and the brand new powerful generals.

This update also adds a lot of skill gems, jewels, and items, including incubators, which only appear when you kill a particular number of monsters. If you are interested, please see the entire patch description. You can click for the title from the content to see a specific section.

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