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The Hateful Dead Offline Activation Keygen

The Hateful Dead Offline Activation Keygen

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About This Game

The Hateful Dead is a voxel style, wave-based, zombie FPS game. Run and gun with a Chainsaw in one hand and Minigun in the other as you stand alone against an army of the undead. Burn, cut, shoot and obliterate limbs from your undead enemies in an intense blood-splattered, shoot em up style. How long can you survive?


  • Compliment your Primary weapon by wielding one of three Secondary weapons in your off-hand
  • Over 30 Guns to choose from
  • All guns can be upgraded for even more firepower and a few unique effects!
  • Purchase weapons from wall drawings or the "Power to the Living" box to get a random gun
  • Upgrade weapons to survive even longer
  • Inject the Incremate power and drink potions for powerful effects
  • Enemies drop power ups ranging from slowing down time to refilling ammunition
  • 3 Unique Maps to survive on!
  • Voxel style design with voxel style gore!
  • Made using the Unity Engine
  • All game/weapon models are custom made!

Warning: May Contain Cubes. b4d347fde0

Title: The Hateful Dead
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 28 Oct, 2016


I loved every thing about this game, but i do wish that that more maps come out, cause there is only 3 right now.. I am really enjoying the game so far. All the maps are amazing yet simple. The gameplay is smooth and the wide variety of guns keep things interesting. I look forward to upgrading each gun and trying out the chainsaw and perks. Great game at a great value for money, would definately recommend!. good game but needs multiplayer. This game is a fun round based zombie survival game that has some unique features and some nods to other games aswell, the big one being CoD: Zombies.

Graphics 9\/10: The voxel-style graphics, for some reason, makes the game look more professional then if the developers decided to make it more realistic. I personally enjoyed the graphics and I hope to see more games like this in the future.

Gameplay 8\/10: The game plays a little to slow which threw me off initially but as I continued to play the 3 maps, I realized that the three maps have different speeds to them, Tomb-Fast. House-Medium Crypt-Slow af. Getting further into the higher rounds, I was spending around 5-8 minutes on each round.

Price\/Game 10\/10: When buying this game, you get what you pay for. If you buy this game looking for a content filled game with easter eggs and giant open maps, then you should go actually play CoD: Zombies. This game is filled with the right amount of content and I dont feel cheated or scammed for buying this game.

Thoughts: 1. Adding a 2-4 player multiplayer is a must, no questions. I love playing survival games with friends and this game seems like it could be better with friends.
2. The Double Barrel Shotgun is a little too good. When upgraded, I am able to 2-shot up till round 38 which is way too powerful for a wall weapon. Tweaking its damage would make the game feel more challenging.
3. Adding something to the Alter in the Crypt map. I felt like some weapons dont handle high rounds, even when upgraded and I also felt like some weapons should be stronger when upgraded. So maybe in a new update (pls update this game) all weapons, especially the DBS, can be tweaked so if I pick up the Rail Gun and upgrade it, i'm not taking a mag to clear one zombie.

I like this game and hope the developer can keep this game alive.
-Eyas. good game but why is it laggy. Have only just started playing this game, but it is silmply fun. There are a good few different maps, which have had a lot of thought put into and are big for a game at this price. I just like killing zombies! The style makes it something different and it keeps it entertaining you can tell what the guns are even though they are cubes, the attention to detail is incredible... Definitley worth the buy. You can't ask for much more for a fiver!. I like the dead community


THIS GAME IS DEAD. I like the game so far! It's a fun little "minigame" to play. I really hope for new and bigger maps in the future! Multiplayer would make this game even better! But I recommend it.. This is more or less what the zombie's community has been wanting since the days of World at War. I has all the best guns from the best Treyarch maps. The only thing that could be improved is bigger maps, online co-op, and a few more guns would't hurt. Overall this is an awsome game and I like the direction it's headed, worth every penny.. Fast pace easy to get in to this game has it all great selection of gun's magic gun box perk's.

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