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the great eater of universes,

munching on a conch shell of galaxies

was perceived in a nightmare by the littlest heart in the whole
who lived in a small village on a precipice so precariously perched over the
void, nestled at the end of a sierra on a tiny blue green planet whose star hung on the tip
of a spiral of a galaxy on the very tip of that conch shell.

and the littlest heart in the whole
awoke in fear,
but being so pure and innocent,
mastered herself
and said peacefully
and perfectly
and honestly
so very beautifully:

"please don't eat us Mista! We are only just born in the realm of
infinity and we don'ts want to disappear just yet!"

and this tiny voice stirred inside the great eater
like a hair on your nose that tickles ever so faintly

the sensation grew from that small voice through the village to
the valleys and into the seas and oceans until the whales sung it and
the voice of it bounced off the mountains and the planets and across
the light years to the neighboring stars and on and on up the great
spiral of that galaxy and reverberated through gamma x rays off into
the whole grand scheme of eternal unfoldment, rising above the chaos of
it all, until the great eater was forced to sneeze out a massive
plasmic mass that flew through the void with millions of galaxies in
it, until it became suspended in jaffa

and thus a new home for the people of the littlest tiniest heart was
born, so vast and fruitful for them, and eternally safe from the great
eater of universes, who could never find it because he imploded into
his great inversion and disappeared from the awareness of all who have a

as tiny as it might be ...

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Comment by John Fredrick Kirkley on July 13, 2010 at 10:00pm
Hey don't be so hard on yourself.

Just write some more of that wonderful stuff you write.
Comment by Bobby Z on July 13, 2010 at 5:35pm
how sad and lonely........kinna like how i feel in this small town im friends are busy with all sortsa stuff.....i am like the great eater..........imploded



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