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The Fall of Oriath Expansion Preview

Four in the past Path of Exile launched aiming to do justice to its spiritual ancestor Diablo II, and seeking to enjoy a similar style of success. Today, with numbers rising (hundreds of players signed on in December alone) the Indie RPG is on the right track to achieve that ambition. Building on last year's momentum, come july 1st Path of Exile launches for Xbox One and releases its biggest expansion yet—The Fall of Oriath.
The guys from Grinding Gear Games POE Currency visit L.A. the other day to show us the action, plus the amount of the latest content offers to be staggering. The heart in the expansion, fictionally-speaking, could be the long-awaited resume Oriath. A last, players reach come back to center of Templar power and offer those corrupt scumbags an idea of Exile justice.
Producer Jonathan Rogers ecstatic an Xbox One dev kit to indicate us the various new areas such as the slave pens, snow areas (excellent for community request list) plus the Templar Courts.The latter gives players a glimpse of money, functioning metropolis—as in opposition to the ruined, rubble-filled cities featured in the experience thus far. And evil though they can be, the Templars have a very real flair for design. The stately Romanesque furnishings and gorgeous painted floors have the Templar Courts some from the most beautiful areas in the experience.

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