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sitting alone in the dark light flickering from my fireplace
wide eyed and hypnotized no expression upon my face
something is missing inside me this endless depth of a hole
at church today not even the choir could touch my tired soul
stepping out into the moonlight early in the morning while the sun still has yet to show
wild winds surround me crying out to me trying to warn me of something i do not know
something so dreadful, so malevolent seeking me tonight
oh how i have not felt in so long even though I tremble with fright
walking these street's alone how empty they are
almost as if these blackened skies were not to bear one star
not a soul to be seen, not a peep to be heard
but out of the corner off my eye i see the fluttering wings of a bird
a ghastly crow lands on the telephone wire just above where i stand
this must be the only bird out awake throughout this barren wasteland
i stared into it's eyes and they reminded me of mine
i felt as if our soul's intertwined
a connection so deep yet so strange
a feeling that left me to feel so deranged
the bird flew down the street and i followed it so
i must follow this crow wherever it may go
it leadeth my soul,
it maketh me whole
still the wild wind blows
i think the crow knows
what is waiting for me
and what is to be
the crow then landed on the cemetery gate
it has led me here, not by chance but by fate
it then flew off into the cemeteries dark
still on this journey i willingly embark
i open the gate and proceed to enter
this place of peril, fear and terror
i walk along the pathway as the distant clock tower bell begins to toll
as i walk deeper the fog swallows me whole
I cant see the path but still i go on
still i move on
something greater than a bird has led me here
something that has triggered my feelings and made my heart sear
each tombstone that i pass the names mean nothing to me
not like the people who visit them frequently
mourning the ones who have passed
i dont know how much longer this journey will last
the fog clears and i have wandered away from the path
lost i am but purpose i hath
and as i look deep into the abyss
etched atop a tombstone the crow, a sight my eyes were not meant to miss
i slowly approach the still sitting crow
still the howling wind does blow
as i reach the stone the crow flew away
I had to see what the tombstone did say
and just like my fireplace and the flickering flame
I was forever hypnotized as I stood before my own name...

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Comment by Jacob Scott Sasaki on May 4, 2010 at 5:27pm
thank you very much for reading this
Comment by Terr Di Matteo on May 4, 2010 at 3:35pm
This is a rather interesting piece, and I must add that it is something of a subject of interest to me. The description was vivid and i felt captured by it. Great job...the humbled words add mystery



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