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The classic fans of "World of Warcraft" support what will not appear in 2004: Twitch Streamers

When you think of it, "World of Warcraft Classic" is a bit crazy. This will be the time capsule of 2004 and a place that some players think they will no longer visit. However, since the "vanilla World of Warcraft" has been remembered by people, the development of this era is indeed undeniable. A recent development has mainly caused some friction: streamers.

Currently, WoW Classic is still in the closed beta phase, which indicates limited access. Not all players are eligible to access. Some popular videos like Sodapoppin, Asmongold, Dafran, and Esfand are playable people who can feedback the problems encountered in the test. Some potential players even swear by the so-called "streaming server". Fans in the streamers continue to harass them, destroying others in WOW Classic Gold the PVP through pure numbers, and often causing harmful harm to themselves.

"Almost everyone is by their side," said a World of Warcraft person. Many of their concerns are actually superfluous because they are within the scope of the current test. "When they start, they may increase by 2k when they are not dead."

Although "World of Warcraft" always puts most of the consequences - dungeons, raids, PVP, etc. - in their own personal storage "examples", creating structures and preventing people from raining on the parade. Many fans believe that World of Warcraft is really the time to return to Buy WOW Gold Classic their most brilliant, and that large-scale spontaneous conflicts involving tribes and alliances will be the norm. Even so, the world's boss, everyone must have limited time to participate in the game.

Therefore, many people are worried about how the ribbon will invest in countless fans, bosses, progress, economy and so on. What they are worried about is that the feeling of World of Warcraft in the early wild west may be trampled by the streamer, and immediately grab the spotlight without letting go.

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