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oh how the city limelight outshines the moonlight

this is why i think most need guidance and feel regret in hinesight

oh how the stars are darkened by the city smog

is this why they feel so distanced from god?

is this why they shake their fists at the sky when everything goes wrong

and when the dark turns to dawn and every one moves on

they deny his grace like they have been all along

the city streets are filled with envy and fake sympathy

hearts are empty, no one feel's empathy

strangers pass each other

not recognizing one another

steping over the homeless not caring to even wonder

to even ponder or fatham the very act of human kindness

that you rarely see from good samaritan's

that you rarely see from your modern day robin hood

we all do wrong but they do more good

we could, we would, most don't but they should

throw your change on the ground and you will recieve ten times more

inglory, in bliss, in happiness galore

today i soar on the wings of tomorrow

hi above not below the city streets that leave us hollow

oh how the strip club attendee's greatly out number the faithful in the cathedral

oh how the city seduce's us with evil

we would rather indulge in carnal desire,

we would rather be weak, act noble, appear strong, do wrong and be a liar

be led astray away from the light and into the fire

good and evil is a fine line that we walk everyday like the bird does a wire

im soaring higher and higher

i can hear a choir

of angel's harmonizing divine notes

orchestrating horns, harps, organs and electric guitar's

we are so close yet so far

from the things in which we are

some settle for par, a life of staring into bottom's of bottle's in a bar

when they have the potential to grasp the star's

oh how the city is my home and in it i never feel alone

how it is the core of me

i can feel it deep within my bones

i would not wan't to be anywhere else

here with my family, friends and foe's

i feel the city from head to toe

and as the wind blow's

i soar above these streets on the wings of tomorrow

so high that the city light looks like stars

and the dark skies are my home

when really

my home is where the heart is

my home is where the hatred is

my home is where the ashphalt, the bricks, the steel and the pavement is

my home is here in the midst of the city

and although i can't see the stars,

i inhale their air vapor's, staring up and into the smog

feeling the grace of god wash over me

here in this city by the sea

so there is no place in the world that i would rather be

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Comment by Bobby Z on December 9, 2010 at 2:17pm
dude................people arent designed to live in cities....they piss me off and should suck my rusty nut.....gettin stoned down there is worse than stickin my head into a vat of acid................and im being polite.................okay maybe ill comprimise with a milder acid like drano isntead of sulfuric ............anyway buddy get 5 idiots together and buy some cheap land near native land on the bruce peninsula...that ll be the last stand of the avatarts and indigos at least well guy out drunk and stoned.............and after they kill us maybe theyll realize they didnt have to...then theyll love us and build shrines and all become hippies....except for the stubborn weirdos they can just tinker with mechanical and high tech shit for fun...fuck thats what i should be doin cept i suck........hope thats happy enough...............fuck i should give up and go to hard drugs those guys seem alright...........................ciao
Comment by Terr Di Matteo on December 8, 2010 at 7:17pm
I fear that such blindness will be the end to us all, and wonder if things will ever turn around. We think and we ponder wishing things were different but we know that there are certain people who like their life of ignorance. This poem is brilliant and I felt connected. Thank you for sharing your nook in the city by the sea.



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