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I grew up in Mississippi with a slide and an acoustic guitar
i convinced myself only these two things have brought me this far
but there is omen in the air something is coming for me
I tried to deny this for so long, living carelessly, but i was never free

I sat on stage playing the songs i had prepared
everyone was so moved by the blues i had shared
no one had ever heard any songs like these ones
pure anguish from the depths of my soul, that's where it came from

I was dripping with sweat in the middle of my set
there was omen in the air, it had not come for me yet
and then this man walked in dressed in a black suit and a blues mans hat
he was smiling and stared at me with his cold black eyes, he stood, he never sat

His expression never changed
it was so deranged
he just smiled and stared
without blinking he glared

it was as if he was staring into my soul
little did i know as the night would unfold
and when i was done everyone stood and cheered
and as the crowd split up and the bar cleared
the man was not in sight
there was nobody near

then i heard wolves begin to howl
something omnipotent and ominous was on the prowl
could this be because of the deal i made
way back in Louisiana, before any good money was made

I waited by a tree at ten to twelve
i was running away from everyone else
who told me i would never make it and amount to nothing
one night i heard son house and willie brown talk about something

they spoke of a legend as old as ancient Africa
crossroad deities, that would make a deal with ya
in exchange for a small price they would teach you the blues
and this magic was called vundune

so i sat at the tree in the crossroads just like they said
at ten to twelve, when everyone was sleeping and the town was dead
i saw a man walking down the road toward where i was
he was holding a guitar, smiling just like the man tonight was

he said,"kid are you lost, shouldn't you be at home?"
i replied "no i came out here to meet a man, i am here alone"
he answered saying "boy, why dont you put your time to good use?"
i confessed " i am running away, i came here to learn the blues"

The man put down his guitar and asked for mine
i gave it to him, and he set his aside
he tuned it for me, and played beneath the moon
i had never seen anything like it, this was a revolutionary tune

He stopped and then said "i will teach you, just sign this thing here,
just let me make one thing clear,
I will come to collect years down the road
i will come for what i am owed"

I signed the paper with his pen
and he started playing the guitar again
he pulled out a slide that was gold
and said, "this stuff here, is the blues, 2000 years old"

he tuned it again and gave the guitar to me and said "that will be all for tonight, may my teaching treat you well..."
he turned around and walked away i muttered 'what the hell'?
he didn't teach me a thing just went wild on the guitar
and then i looked up and stared right at the north star

i sat down and started to play sitting up against the tree
and i couldn't comprehend what i was hearing or believe that it was me
i was playing my guitar, so freely, so fast, and so clean
and now i think i know what the man means

i exchanged this mastery and fame for my own soul, the flame
is slowly burning out, this life of mine aint the same
i regret that deal, the last fair one to go down
but i realize its not, i guess its time to lay my soul down

i left the bar and started walking home i felt like something was watching me though
the only thing that ringed in my head was him saying "i will collect what i am owed"
I turned around and there was a black dog growling
it was stalking me, it was prowling

I ran through the corn fields trying to get away
but the growling got louder, it filled me with dismay
it grew to the decibel's of rolling thunder
i am going down tonight, i am going under

I fell to me knees in the middle of this closed off area astounded to see
the man in the black suit standing before me
he said "hello again, fancy seeing you hear"
i did not respond, i was filled with fear

"why so quiet?," he said..."do you not remember me? i remember you as a boy leaning up against that tree
so young so fruitful, filled with ambition, filled with joy and glee do you remember the deal you made with me?"
I nodded and stared at him so
i held onto my slide, i could not let it go

he said" you must pay the price, in which i am owed
but dont worry, i am not the devil, this is the music of the heavens, not the fire down bellow
you must die so that your music can live on
stand the test of time, for people to ponder on

the blues must live on through the hands of the people who will fill your shoes

you will inspire a man names t bone, a man named bb

howlin wolf, muddy and buddy

a man named jimi, and a man named stevie
people all over the world will know about the blues
you lit the fuse to an everlasting fire
inspired by folklore and your church's choir

so come with me, and we will go forth into the afterlife
i am sorry you had to time to have a family and a wife
your music will live on forever, you'll leave behind a legacy
your music is like pure ecstasy
its not devils music this is a lie, this is phony
and the only way people will understand it is through you, and you only
it was your destiny to play the guitar
and it was those two things that made you what you are...
no magic, it was in you all along
it was you strumming, and singing your songs
so take my hand we will go to paradise
to a place that is warm, so sunny and nice
you paid a small price for something priceless, something bigger than one lifetime
no man will do as much for music as you did in your prime...

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Comment by Bobby Z on June 17, 2010 at 12:14pm
i dont believe in a literal devil but what a long poem..........i only fear corporate hell.....where nice guys like billgates are the devil. steering the whole planet in greed toward more insanity. maybe you can get a music deal thru those corporat devils then your poem wont be so far from truth.............hope that wasnt too heavy
Comment by Terr Di Matteo on June 16, 2010 at 10:31pm
This is a great piece...



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