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Supraball Free Download [full Version]

Supraball Free Download [full Version]

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About This Game

Instead of writing more about why we think this game is great we decided to let our beta testing community write some comments here.

"What is Supraball? - imagine you're playing fifa, controlling just one player. Okay now imagine that each other player is a real person. Okay now imagine you're in first person, and you have this super awesome cannon with dozens of combinations of spins that fires a yellow ball at 400km/h. Okay now imagine you've fired that into the top corner at that speed - and someone saves it. That is supraball!"

"So the first thing that I liked was the innovation, there are no games like it."

"The game being a first person sports game made me feel like I was actually on the field playing ball. Also, the fact that everyone on the playing field was an actual person, and not a scripted AI that would change into the player if given the ball, added an element I personally had never seen in a game before Supraball."

"F**k yes, I can play football at home!"


"The thing that fascinated me the most is the amount of teamwork involved and the kind of creativity you can have while playing this game."


"It's pretty easy to play but hard to master."


"Most fascinating is the ability some players have to always create new moves etc."

"Different things happen every match, so it's never the same."

"I liked being the last hope for my team and the tense pressure filled moments were amazing. Making a 1v1 save is a really awesome feeling and no other game has given me the same feeling yet."

"Very precise, accurate, total control. Intense gameplay, nail biting finishes.
I can't stop, it's heroin/crack!"

Revan 7ad7b8b382

Title: Supraball
Genre: Action, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, Sports
Supra Games
Supra Games
Release Date: 8 Feb, 2019


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Update 19. November:
- Party matchmaking Version 1 - queue with up to 4 friends on your team (only normal matches so far)
- Added animated videos to all tutorial courses
- Added Steam trading cards, backgrounds, emoticons, badges
- See ingame which matchmaking position you have at the start of the match
- 3v3 matches give 3x more XP than before
- Fixed: Don't see matchmaking progress when spectating a practice server
- Visual improvements to Pitch, Smallpitch, Beach, Moon
- Fixed: crash after match due to over-zealous server list cleanup (many thanks to those who reported this)
- Fixed: players joining matches as spectator
- Fixed: matchmaking queue progress bar did not reduce if players left
- You can minimize modal windows (matchmaking, party...) with a doubleclick
- Minor text fixes
- Treat players with low number of reviews as new so they cannot be banned from the chat with 1 negative review. Supraland releases today!:

You thought the coolest part of Supraball was finding hidden coins in the Training Court? Say no more! SupraLAND releases today and is all about exploring the world of Supraball!

Beat up little monsters, solve puzzles and find lots of upgrades in this Metroidvania!

Get your copy today: Dev Blog 11. December: Update 20. December:
- Don't need to re-ready in a party when settings change and you stay ready after a match
- Fixed: Can queue with 4 or 5 people in "any" match-size setting
- Global chat reconnects after losing master server connection
- Can't review friends and clubmates
- Changed default ping to allow anything under 200 (still lower pings are prefered)
- Fixed region selection colours
- Fixed adminchangemap command
- Add A2S_Rules query to support more server hosts. Update 9. December:
Launcher v0.22.3
- Don't play match ready sound until matchmaking server negotiation complete.
- Alert users if they have refused multiple matchmaking servers due to their ping limit setting.
- Change default ping limit.. Update 30. July 2016:
Launcher version 0.19.13 primarily addresses cases in which the game doesn't start for some people.

- Fixed launcher not running for some people: disable use of d3d11 for launcher on known unstable system
- Incase gameplay part (udk.exe) is not working now shows detailed error msg as to why it won't start
- Fixed that players with less than 10 ranked matches cannot join a ranked server
- Fixed server list scrolling under the browser header
- Old launcher log files automatically get deleted
- Server browser is now automatically opened incase no suitable lobby is found

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