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the cool night breeze soothes my skin as we meet and the summer air warms our hearts

the tree leaves whisper sonnets of the moon while the summer air makes the branches sway

and how beautiful you are beneath the moonlight beams, do your qualities end? and where would i start?

how bout arm and arm on a stroll down the board walk, we talk and laugh on this summer night at the bay

its true what they say about the summer at this age, people come and they go

even when you wish they could stay

"and will they come back?" we all ask, you never know

we just have to hope they'll come back some day

with that being said i am filled with anxiety

i am afraid i will not have enough time to be with you

i really want you to stay with me

so i can see your pretty face beneath the moon

listen to my heart, why dont you feel it beat

put your hand on my chest, its pumping, beating for you

and as i hold you in the summer heat

i cry inside cause my sad realization is coming true

shes going home

way over yonder across the bridge

shes leaving here

far away from the ridge

i blinded my eyes cause i could not face it

but these feelings for you, i will forever embrace it

and never will i desecrate or deface it

this summer heat has our skin sticky,

and this cool breeze soothes our soul

and now i reach down into my soul and find the words to express to you

but i dont have enough time to tell you how much i love you so, so what ill do

hold you in the summer heat a little while longer

before you pack up your bags and head back over yonder

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Comment by Lazy Poets on July 31, 2010 at 8:49pm
Great poem!



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