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The heat boiled our skin

as the cool summer wind

unleashed the passion in our soul's

that were once held within

sweat poured down our skin

off my brow, trickling down and dripping off my chin

in this passionate epilouge to an evening of romances

met glances and taken chances

now our bodies swayed back and forth like tree branches

we made love past midnight by the shore

in a bed of sands our soul's etched across the floor

we walked the empty streets to her home to make some more

flying high and away on the wings of tomorrow we did soar

the summer heat burned not like fire but like a hot coal on a low but intense radiating heat

singeing our skin from our heads to our feet

our soul's would intretwine, bind i could feel her heart beat against mine

as our sweat covered bodies did meet

time and time again

it seemed like this night would never end

it was like our bodies would suspend

in mid air,

in animation,

like we were the only two people left on earth, in total isolation

just two binded hearts, two parts to one whole, a yin and yang type of philisophical and oh so spiritual integration

a love a hand full of people find throughout the entire nation

and as we both climaxed for the last time

her soul was with mine

this moment i believe

was frozen in time

it was so quiet i could hear the distant melody of her front porch wind chime

we stared for minuites that seemed like hours till a tear dripped from her eye

a frog was born in my throat i wanted to cry

but i held it in and to this day i dont know why

it wasn't sad like a last good bye

it was a tear of joy,

from one girl before a boy

she hugged me and this was more passionate than the love we made

this was a slice or a shade

of heaven, a place forbade

to the living, but i felt paradise so early in the day

that it was dark like the back of your eyelids

then in her bed we did lay

on the same pillow

willowed in pure ecstacy

and then suddenly she said to me

"Jacob i Love you"

my lips quivered before i answered saying

"and i love you too."

we talked for hours until the sun showed and the sky turned blue

i didn't sleep but i felt energIzed

i felt fully rested as we lied

on a cloud in some form of paradise

a place i yearn to go back to, the feeling was so nice

the feeling was just right

it wasn't just the love we made

but the words we exchanged

past the climax in the falling action of the night

and into the day

when i heard her say my name

and that she loved me

my lover, we will always have the bay

we will always have the love we shared

the total honest expression we exchanged

i wanted to re arrange my life to fit perfectly for her

i yearned, i burned

i discrened a promise made

i reminisced laying against a tree in the shade

about an earthly realm i call the summer heat

a slice of heaven, and to us living

heaven is forbade...

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