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Space Galaxy - Graphics Pack Activation Code [key Serial]

Space Galaxy - Graphics Pack Activation Code [key Serial]

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About This Software

The "Space Galaxy - Graphics Pack" is a content pack comprised of modular graphic .PNG files that can be combined, remixed, or modified to create your own sprites. The pack includes around 5300 graphic files.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is not a game or software application

To be fully utilized, it needs an imaging editing program or game engine. Our graphics have already been tested in many Game Engines available on Steam. This graphic pack is great for game prototyping, placement graphics, or final product.

Key Features:

1) Included in the Indie Graphics Bundle - If you already own the Indie Graphics Bundle, this pack is already included in it.

2) License - Use the Steam Package for your game, web, print, or other commercial development project. All assets are royalty free, no hidden costs.

3) Full Access - You may edit, manipulate, and change the graphics in any way for use with your game development. Some Photoshop files included.

Included Assets:

Turret Attachments
Broken Satellite
Moon Chunks
Exploding Parts
(120) Base Planets
(175) Nebulas/Space Effects
28 Warship/Starship types
(Around 2500 pieces)
Weapon Effects
A few space animations
Photoshop Sample Files

*Running the .exe will show you included files and is just necessary for Steam distribution. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Space Galaxy - Graphics Pack
Genre: Design & Illustration
Roencia Game Creators
Release Date: 22 Aug, 2014


Not worth the money. The assets are outdated.. It's a MAYBE for me, but in general I think this pack has great potential. MAYBE because I'm not in need of the space assets but it came with the huge pack as a must-buy and I'm not sure I'll ever use it...

Okay, the GOOD stuff of this package. There are 32 different templates to build your spaceships. Some give more parts that others, but you'll be able to make a lot of different fleets\/races for your game. All parts are modular so you copy\/paste them into your favorite editor to make that unique ship. The same pretty much goes for planets, where you can make almost every imagineble planet you want.

But there are also some BAD things. First off, this pack is made only for the big stuff - ships, spacestations (only 1 though), planets and suns and such. There's no interior for ships or spacestations. No cities for on your planets (though it does have a couple of nice other terrain features).
I've also read about people complaining about the effect animations not to match at beginning & end. This seems to be true, but I think you should (and could) work on it for your own project and customize them the way you want.

In general I think it's a good pack if you want to make a space shooter game with only ships and planets. If you want something in-depth with characters and such then skip it.. I am a very bad artist, but I love making games. This pack is full of many, many great assets. It cost me 15 bucks for one animated alien ship (4 frames) on one of those artist for hire web sites. This is much more for a reasonable cost; even better if on sale. If you are trying to start making video games, but can't draw, this is a very valuable library of graphics to get you started, royalty free. I don't really understand the negative reviews.

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