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About This Game

A solo indie title from Chris Parsons, Sol Trader is a genre-busting space simulation where it's not about what you know - it's who you know. In Sol Trader you trade not only goods but ships, components, minerals, favours, contacts and information too.

  • Single-player combination of top down 2D spaceflight and strategic manipulation of your network of contacts
  • Run missions using your family and friends' connections to government or business
  • No ship given to you at game start: you must take a loan and hire a ship, or borrow one from a wealthy relative
  • Fly between planets, interacting with the various characters you come across in cities and in space
  • Research information on other characters through chatting to friends and relatives
  • Customise your ship with better guns, engines, hyperdrives and passenger cabins
  • Trade goods for profit
  • Procedural generation of a whole society of thousands of random characters
  • Start every new game from your character's birth
  • Choose your parents and all your major life choices as you grow up
  • Your choices determine your personality and your friends, relatives and enemies
  • Full modding support: change all the organisations, events, weapons, planets, ships, conversations and tutorial system.

200 years of characters

Each new game is already two centuries old. Thousands of random characters are born, live and die as the game is generated, creating totally unique societies each time. When starting a new game you do so from your character's birth, choosing your parents and all your major life choices as you grow up. Your choices determine your personality, your friends, relatives, business contacts and your enemies.

There is no set story. The game generates thousands of characters, events and interactions to set the scene: as a player, you are born into this world and form relationships in it before the game starts. You’ll then be able to create your own legend within this world: explore the known (and unknown) solar system, trade goods, run missions, leverage your contacts, and avenge members of your family as you see fit.

This game features a complex procedural history generator, inspired by the adventure and legends mode in Dwarf Fortress. Each new game is already two centuries old, with a living history full of characters that are born, live and die before you even exist. When you create a character in this world, you face the same choices as all the computer-controlled citizens did. The decisions you make in your character’s early life set your starting skills and attributes, and your family connections and business contacts.

The game universe stretches to the far reaches of our current solar system. In certain regions travel is very unsafe: pirates are known to hang out near the major gates. You'll be able to purchase a variety of ships and be able to own more than one at once. Ships can be fitted with a variety of equipment, including better guns, hyperdrives and engines, depending on what their hulls are designed to take. You will inevitably take damage and your ship can be repaired by mechanics that you will meet on your journey. Making friends with a good mechanic will make all the difference when you return half-alive from the Callisto water run...

It's not what you know...

You land at London's space port and immediately head to the market to see if an old contact of yours, Caleb Churley, will still give you a good deal on your cargo. Whilst offloading your titanium delivery, you discover through chatting to Caleb that he needs a parcel taking to Vikon on Venus. It's a bit of a distance, but you know they're short of water at the moment, so you buy all you can fit into your small ship. Caleb's grateful for the parcel delivery, so you get a good price on the cargo.

You drop by the bar on the way out, and discover that Rachel Holden was seen in Vikon recently. You've been meaning to try and track her down, as you've been asked by the local crime syndicate to keep them up to date with her whereabouts. This little trip is turning into the perfect excuse to handle some unfinished business.

You debate whether to take passengers to Vikon. Your ship isn't fitted with passenger cabins yet, but it's worth seeing who wants to go. In a local hotel you find three people keen to go: almost too keen. They're willing to pay way over the odds for transport, which means you're likely to have someone on your tail once you leave Earth's safe zone. It's a risk, but you could really do with the money... plus one of the passengers is the son of Charles Heckler, someone you'd love to get to know... b4d347fde0

Title: Sol Trader
Genre: Indie, RPG, Simulation
Chris Parsons
Chris Parsons
Release Date: 6 Jun, 2016


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I love the concept of this one, but the game itself falls very flat in the delivery.

For it to work two things are vital;
The dialog needs to be worthwhile, after all its a game about "Who you know" The social aspect however makes fallout 4 seem verbose. You socialise by clicking on canned, recycled options. Most of the time its " I know *name*" and thats about it. Theres no conversations taking place, no getting to know a well developed personality. Great idea, poor delivery.

The other is the space part of the game. This is just as bad if not worse than the social aspect. The controls are on par with asteroids, you either spin in place, or zoom off too quickly to control. The brake seems to somehow make you go faster. There is also a complete lack of any kind of map.

I really wish that I could recomend this one, as the idea is fantastic, but as I said, the actual game born from it, is at best, boring and clunky.. This review is for v1.3 which I have played for over 50 hrs now. I liked the concept alot and was very interested in the random gen of characters in a sci-fi world. The results however, are awkward and flawed gameplay that causes difficulty in completing missions or achieving goals. I started my char at age 18 and hope than when I replay at 25 I will get better results, but in the game I played most of the businesses in most of the cities has nobody working in them EVER. Since my chosen lifetime goal was to visit every city in the solar system, this became impossible when nobody ever showed up for work at either of the Outer Alliance Embassies I found. I even tracked them down in the bars, the people who had the embassy jobs and befriended them and even became intimate with one so I could try to use the MEET ME btn that lights up when your close enough to someone. So, I went to the embassy he worked at and told him to meet me and his button greyed out and said that he got my request and he never showed up and his button stayed stuck in greyed out inactive mode no matter how many time I chatted with him afterwards. I have had similiar problems getting and selling things since usually there is no one working at those businesses either. I have revisited the cities with the embassies for 50 hrs now with no one EVER being there. This make my chosen goal impossible. So, I proceeded to do mining and other things, buying new ships and trading ore and amassing a ton of money, doing a ton of favour missions for people. I have also had a problem with any passenger missions since I cant seem to get anyone to follow me and get on the ship in order to transport them anywhere. So, my feedback is that random generation without enough EXCEPTIONS or controls to set a functional enviroment that enables easy play, IS A BAD IDEA. Having nobody working in places that a player needs to access to achieve goals because the game randomly gave those jobs to characters who like to drink all day and dont want to work... THIS IS BAD. These glitches that make the game very clunky and awkward to play could be fixed and I hope they will be.. but I see the developer is off to make a new game so I guess we are stuck with this flawed game that is not really worth buying, unless you like frustration.

Added after further play:
More problems... You cant get anyone to follow you on passenger missions, if you get killed and eject to a planet, then try to talk to anyone anywhere you get a error\/crash and cant play the game anymore. If you kill the pirate that is attacking you, and anyone finds out about the incident, you get a huge Morality penalty and everyone on that planet soon thinks your a scoundrel for defending yourself, If you befriend the wrong person you get a huge morality penalty and everyone thinks your a scoundrel simply for knowing the wrong person, the autosave overwrites any saves the player has made and you cant get back to previous saves so you get stuck with a horrible event and cant go back to a previous time. All of these problems combined make gameplay very frustrating.. Neat game in theory, less so in practice. The gameplay is fairly shallow and repetitive and there's a lot of waiting around either in space travel or waiting for time to pass in areas where you can't sleep. The maps are somewhat confusing (tip: there are multiple areas each with their own map) and interaction with space objects is somewhat confusing (tip: the blue text indicates a planet while the green text indicates a station that teleports you to another station. Each station usually has one local planet nearby).

The background is fairly pretty, but most of the faces look exactly the same and the music is unobtrusive at best.

Might be worth $5 as something to play around with to learn about the concepts, but $20 is a steep ask.. The effort that has been put into generating the characters, their stories and family trees is impressive, and comparisons to Dwarf Fortress are honestly earned. Unfortunately, our interaction with this painstakingly generated society doesn't feel quite done yet.

Most non-ship activities are based around a conversation mini-game that is equal parts innovative and monotonous, in the sense that I enjoy doing it, but not quite as much as the game demands. The opportunities that open up from making friends are fun, but I'd like to see this taken further (eg player partnerships, marriages, divorces etc).

The non-conversation parts of the game aren't well fleshed out yet. I would rate the ship\/trade-centric bits as roughly similar to Endless Sky, Transcendence and any number of other such games. Maybe this isn't seen by the devs as an important part of the gameplay, but I would disagree. I would love for the space-shippery to be more compelling than it is.

I have mixed feelings about recommending this game, because in a lot of ways it feels like an Early Access game (without the egregious bugs though, which is an important distinction). But it looks to me like the developers are responsive and still working hard on it, and decent modding support looks to be appearing soon.

So in summary: it's worth having a look at for the things it's trying (and sometimes succeeding) to do, but don't expect too much right now. Buy it on sale.. Interesting concept. It's not that difficult to get into a situation where you are stuck though. I got a game where I started out in a place where there were only 2 other people neither of which had missions they were willing to give me and no one would answer requests to come meet me so I could borrow a ship.

I could challenge an 8 year old to a drinking competition and arm wrestling though so that was pretty cool.

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