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I wrote this for someone from his point of view
Forgive me heavenly father for I have sinned
The self made prison that cages me is neither my foe nor my friend
The razor I use to bruise my skin contains no metal edge or sharp design
Its the posion seeping through my veins searching for peace I need to find
Upon my urine soaked knees I pray this to rid myself of this sorrow
Actions have no reflection of what I might face tomorrow
With each sip I feel librated almost free to just breathe
Escape from all my disappoints that have been displayed before me
Made to be a young father before my heart could mature
To understand the dependence these young souls endure
To be placed upon a pedstal I never deserved to earn
To wait patiently for guidance to fall in love to be burned
Who is the real criminal here why do I fight this war
It rages inside like duel between my guilt and my conscience makes me insecure
How can anyone love someone so damaged so untamed
Yet tears fall from there eyes as the pray in my name
Asking I see the light that will guide me to greener pastures
I alreay know the path in which to take I just cant go any faster
My feet are made of stone stuck in this quicksand I am left drowning
No longer am I king of my kindgom I have no time for the crowning
I am more then just this body filled with liquor and pain
I am caring friend loving brother the one who always remain
I am not a judge nor jury for anyone except myself
Long ago I placed my value hidden behind the shelf
Where all the fairytales are spoken as you kiss your children good night
In the crease of book bound leather is where my reality takes flight
How I long to be the strong knight the King of Honor poetic gentlemen
I am just insecure fool that denys it to the end
Tonight in my confession I hope you hear my message clear
Show me guidance I yearn for teach me which way to steer
I want to be the sparkling eye in my childrens life
To kiss the women I love as only my wife
To have legend left behind where drunk dont exist
Heavenly father hear my prayer this is my only wish

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Comment by Bobby Z on April 25, 2010 at 8:35am
love yourself....were all on the shelf .......your way ahead of these scumbags who are lost and so far from the golden.....................
my parrty world of egypt..........egypto golden world............can be found on simple minds . gold dream was sent and still goin up...............let in the light you little sylvia brown fanatic .........peace
Comment by Bobby Z on March 13, 2010 at 5:34pm
so bummer i think of the liquor part cos this makes me wanna start drinkin again................ewwwhh



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