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A Life Well Intentioned

We were four young lads growing to manhood on an island known as Annlach where the Lighthouse Glynne-Noble once stood. Fairies dwelt here as well and in so doing, with generosity uncommon amongst mortal man,their lives entwined with ours and made their secretive presence and practices part of our own.

Much, if not all that follows can (and should be) considered suspect, or perhaps not as the case may be. While most of those ‘in the know’ fail to mention the Isle of Annlach, she, nevertheless, is real! Beware, for should you doubt what I say King Oughan, Ruler of all island Fairies, may make visit and show you just how real they truly are!

The whereabouts of the Isle of Annlach is mysteriously missing from all but one map, and that lone map is held safely by his majesty, King Oughan, so what follows is a work of pure fiction, a fantasy, and/or legends with or without a bit of truth about them.

You are invited to make of this what you will, and if onward you travel seeking the Isle of Annlach, you may actually find her, but please, remain kind to the originator of these ‘facts’ herein shared, remembering I am very old! The author has been most attentive staying true to his dreams, memories and wishes of a time, long, long past that, probably, never, never was.

In Memory of

Saint Bryan AP Annlach

B. 419 AD

Brycheiniog, Cymru, Breconshire, Wales

D. 450 AD

While it is true I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, Annlach has always been me home! Father was born here and while attending University he met and married Mum. Upon graduation, we moved to Annlach Island, the very place of his birth, and to where he was to become the Head Lighthouse Keeper of Glynne Noble. They raised four boys of whom I am the eldest, Patrick, born when I was five, was followed by Mangrove and Howard, the twins, and born when I was eight.

Dads’ vocation was as the keeper of the Glynne Noble Lighthouse, but his avocation in life was being a minister and raising his children in the nurturing Love of the Lord. Never once did we children hear a cross word between our parents! Furthermore, to his four sons, Father was always kind and fair, patient, and good. He was diligent about his work but always ready to have an adventure with his children if time permitted.

There were no arguments or hateful words allowed in our home. Dad was the final authority and should we lads have any differences of opinion of that fact he always took time to hear us out and when we were finished his final word stood.

Dad passed away when I was fourteen.

Mum had a quick wit about her and possessed a fun loving attitude toward life and her family. Without argument, she was the best cook in all of Annlach. Mum could play ‘blind man’s bluff’ with her children while doing laundry at the same time…and should the need arise Mum was prepared to bandage a scraped knee or comfort a bruised ego. She loved her husband, he loved her, and together they were the best parents and most excellent examples of living and loving four lads could ever have had. Above that, they taught us the paramount reason for living is to Serve God.

Mum passed away when I was 58, and I miss them both!

Now that we have met, may I consider you my friend? and come back tomorrow, won’t you please, as I share with you

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