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Snail Trek - Chapter 1: Intershellar Download 1gb

Snail Trek - Chapter 1: Intershellar Download 1gb

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About This Game

Snail Trek - Chapter 1: Intershellar is the first in a series of "20 minute adventures" where you take on the role of a crew of snails on a journey to a new home world.

In the style of the early Sierra Online adventure games, Snail Trek has colorful EGA-ish graphics and a text parser interface. Relive the nostalgia in these bite-sized adventures - but without all the pain. Autosaves, a text parser with auto-suggest, and puzzles with no dead ends, all combine to bring this old genre into the modern era.

In Chapter 1, you arrive at the lettuce-covered (or so you hope) planet. But something is amiss. Your ship has been damaged and you may not be able to land at all! Meanwhile, your home world is dying, and your entire civilization is waiting for your report on this new planet. Is it really a lettuce-covered paradise?

You can find chapter 2 here.

Key Features
  • Autosaves - no need to save every few minutes (though you still can if you want).
  • A text parser with both auto-suggest and auto-correct - fat finger your way to puzzle glory (but you can turn them off if you want to suffer more greatly).
  • A text parser that understands what objects are in front of you, so you can be lazy and just type things like 'get' or 'look'.
  • CRT emulation mode that gives those pixels an ever-so-slightly fuzzy look.
  • A stereophonic score.
  • Cute snails.
  • Deaths (but hey, autosaves).
  • No dead ends! Puzzle your way around with impunity!
  • Widescreen aspect ratio, since monitors are more rectangular now.

Title: Snail Trek - Chapter 1: Intershellar
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Phil Fortier
Phil Fortier
Snail Trek
Release Date: 30 Nov, 2017


  • OS: Windows XP SP2
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 3000 or better
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 200 MB available space


10/10 would lick captain again. Bit too easy, and playful. Would have expected more serious game, but this'll do. With just 2 buckazoids you'll have a fun evening helping snails get a new homeworld!. I haven't had this much fun playing as a snail since King's Quest 3!

If that dreadful mouse had never become en vogue and people demanded things like a "cursor" and "256 VGA graphics", then this game is what the progression of late 80s Sierra games would have become! With an intelligent parser and text prediction to assist the user with figuring out the right thing to say, this is a fun/nostalgic trip.

The puzzles in this game were about "just right". Nothing too particularly difficult, but not overly easy either. There is that right amount of difficulty to make solving the puzzles feel like an achievement.

After playing Void Quest and Snail Trek, I am certainly looking forward to the next game by Icefall Games!. Hilarious adventure had me laughing from the start of the trailer until i had to leave the game for work. Only lasts 20 minutes. So it's not even worth a buck.. Take the "20 minute adventures" to heart. It is only a twenty minute game. Don't go into this thinking other wise. I had missed reading it until I booted the game and was both surprised and saddened that the first chapter ended so quickly. But at the price point of only being $1 and on the sale I caught it at for only seventy cents, it makes that pill a bit easier to swallow.

That really is the only negative thing I have to say about it, is it's shortness. The rest are all positives and there are many. The graphics are cute and bright. Everything is easy to see. The parser is easy and intuitive to use. Half the time one word like Look or Push will get things going. Sometimes even just one letter is all you need to type for any number of things as it already has list of I assume either most important or most frequently used words. You can use your mouse for somethings and just pressing a single key on the key board will start the typing process. The music is decent, the auto save feature is great and does it quite often on it's own and the reloading from deaths is quick and easy. The puzzles at least in this one mostly make sense in one form or another and there is great humor to be had. And it is about Star Trek or at least science fiction so another bonus and a very unused cast of characters, snails. ^_^

As previously stated it is rather short, but it's price point is very cheap as well and there are a few other games in the series that continues the story and you will want to buy them all to see what happens to these characters. I would truly recommend this to anyone who is either just starting out in point and click adventures/text adventures/parser games in general and for those who like them, but get frustrated easily by them, as this is pretty intuitive and has a feel of holding your hand, but not coddling you. For any vets you may just want to play it to see how easy and intuitive they really can be and with great graphics, story and music to boot.. Well designed short adventure with all the features you'd expect from a good 1989 adventure. 16colors aesthetic, deaths and a mystery. Text parser might look like the old sierra one but it has fuctional autocompletion.. Only lasts 20 minutes. So it's not even worth a buck.. Short and sweet! This game is a real throwback. While its obviously meant to be a simple little game but it is still fun, charming, and has some fun humor. I encourage you to drop the few cents to support this kind of work.

Chapter 1 is now available!:
. The story concludes with chapter 4 - Now available!:
Here it is!

Also, the four chapters are now a part of a "complete the set" bundle (not available in some countries) for an additional 25% discount.. Snail Trek 1 patch:
This patch includes:
- a number of parser bug fixes
- some grammar fixes
- most importantly (?), updated Baguette ship graphics. The Snail Trek series now available for MacOS and Linux:
I'm happy to announce that Snail Trek 1-4 are now available for MacOS and Linux! Enjoy!

. Snail Trek merchandise is now available!:
Mugs, shirts, phone cases and more here![]

. Chapter 3 is now available!:
Have at it! Chapter 3 store page is now live...:
It should be available in early January. Go wishlist it!
. Rainbow DLC now available:
If you've enjoyed the Snail Trek series and want to support to the developer so they can make more games like this, the Rainbow DLC is available for chapter 1. It outfits the main character into moving rainbow colors (can be disabled in the Options dialog), and adds an entry into the ship's missing computer page. Also, don't forget to check out the Disco DLC for chapter 4!

. Chapter 2 of Snail Trek is now available!:
Go get it here while it's got the launch discount, and find out what happens to those snails!

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