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Slipstream 5000 Download Key Serial Number

Slipstream 5000 Download Key Serial Number

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About This Game

Conventional motor racing has yielded to the advances of thrust drive technology. Popularity for Slipstream racing is at its peak. Successful flyers quickly become icons and heroes. Race fans flock in their millions to the circuit-side stadiums hoping to catch a glimpse of the latest anti-grav machines which defy all laws of motion. The track's prepared, the crowd are hustling for the best seats, and the drivers and commentators are all psyched and hungry for action.

Control many upgradeable futuristic racers under arcade or simulation racing style. Experience high speed aerial moves and dramatic crashes on excellently designed tracks.Feel the speed of the slipstream!


  • Compete as one of 10 different characters with unique Slipstream aircraft, each with their own features, weapons, and flying style.
  • Fast-paced action, smooth craft controls, and excellent track design.
  • With good old fashion split-screen multiplayer mode, enjoy a retro head-to-head race against a friend.

Title: Slipstream 5000
Genre: Action, Racing, Sports
Gremlin Interactive, The Software Refinery
Funbox Media Ltd
Release Date: 31 Dec, 1995


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100% nostalgia. I still have the original 5x installation floppy disks somewhere.... Great game for those of us who remember DOS.. I was feeling nostalgic when I got this and I dont regret it all.
Graphics are of course dated from a game released in 1995.
Choose your ... vehicle ? and race, its that simple.
Each racer has their strengths and weaknesses from being fast but not agile or just being able to hits walls at speed with more frequency there is something for every race style.
As always highy recommends this old gem .... when its on sale.. worst since dos version on star wars. I've got this as a present from Indiegala store. This is a game from my youth. I only owned a demo from some computer magazine back then and I replayed the only available track numerous of times. Also females looked great back then. Yes, the graphic hasn't aged well, but I've launched this game recently and it still has it, a really nice flying racing game. Shooting out opponents is still enjoyable and adrenaline is still there. Recommended for everyone who values action before pixel graphic.. 100% nostalgia. I still have the original 5x installation floppy disks somewhere.... Great game for those of us who remember DOS.. Dos Flying Racer, basicaly just decent physics but in a racing setting.
Best to run it on REAL hardware tho, and if you can't do that, Transfer the Game to PCEM
It's a much better\accurate x86 emulator then dosbox that even has Awe32 support.. It's like a combination of Descent and Mario Kart. As far as I know, I've never even heard of this game until its Steam release. It's an obscure treasure and worth a try, or two, or three, or a couple million.

It's pretty good.

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