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Sing to me a lullaby
The kind that make rivers flows & mountains cry
Watch the ice melt into a riverbend
As it trickles too where the earth has no end
The current bends and twist and turns
The sun gives it warmth as it rages and burns
You fight the urge too dive in head first
Let the tapsetry of ripples expand your thirst
You place your feet into the ocean core
Emerse yourself deeper gravity is magnet
That pulling you back too shoreH
Harder too stay afloat when theres no end in sight
You are far from being quitter and endure the long night
Solidarity is a blessing in disguise
You gain true resolution of oneself
And your will too compromise
Strain your ears for inkling of what Angels hear
You are alone but this is not your biggest fear
You know you are breathing
Can feel the water beneath as it thrives
But inside your soul there is a dead calm
What is there to remind you that youre really alive
Sing to me a lullaby
A song too that makes rivers flow & mountain cry
As hard winter snow softens into riverbend
Please tell the sun will bring me its warmth again

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Comment by Bobby Z on January 14, 2010 at 12:53am
hey...another good one, deep yett sweet, good ryhming. it appears you are one of the few blessed with the abilty to tapp into the unconscious and capture that flow. it seems many people have lost this connection to their heart, probably stree and hard heartedness. i suggest tell your universe to get you a happy safe place so the jaded cynical, faithless people cant abuse you or put you into a cage of their useless ego and negativity. hope that was helpful. P.s. ive been reading books by neale walsche for 10 years and always find they quash any depression,however stubborn. they give me an awesome positive perspective that lights up any darkness or feeble illusion.



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