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Siegecraft Commander Torrent Download [key Serial Number]

Siegecraft Commander Torrent Download [key Serial Number]

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About This Game

Real-time or Turn-Based Strategy

Siegecraft Commander offers a real-time strategy (RTS) single-player campaign, while providing both turn-based and RTS options for high-stakes multiplayer matches!

In turn-based matches, plan the location of the towers, units and walls in your fortress to outmaneuver your foes, then tactically think and precisely aim when starting your attack! In real-time, quickly construct a base that can win the war and start an all-out offensive. Both offer easy-to-learn strategic elements combined in subtle ways to yield a rich tactical experience!

Web of Control

Siegecraft Commander hosts two-sided battles where each faction must destroy the other’s central base, known as a Keep. Players build a network by aiming and launching new towers from existing structures, advancing toward an enemy’s Keep while bolstering their own defenses.

Let the Dominos Fall

When a tower is destroyed, any descendant structures it helped create fall like dominoes. Precise aim is vital when launching TNT barrels, cluster mines and other projectiles at ground units and opposing structures; one well-placed shot can take out the majority of an opponent’s towers or units!

Tower Tech Trees

Every tower boasts a distinct advantage; a Barracks generates foot soldiers that advance into enemy lines, while Ballistas act as passive defenders against air-based units. Learn the pros and cons of each unit as you send them into battle and master the art of war!

A Story of Intertwined Destinies

Play through the stories of the Knights of Freemoi and the tribal Lizardmen. The Knights are greedy treasure hunters and the Lizardmen are led by a psychotic Shaman, yet their stories are connected in ways you might not expect. Learn the secrets of the medieval world of Siegecraft and uncover the true evil that hides within!

Single-Player Campaigns

Play as the Knights of Freemoi or the tribal Lizardmen. Penetrate the puzzle-like defenses of pre-designed enemy fortresses. Defend against waves of enemies using Tower Defense-like strategies, while expanding your base and destroying the unit-spawning structures.

Multiplayer Matches

Engage in local hot-seat or online internet multiplayer, with a selection of different optional game rules, maps, and game modes and AI bots to choose from.. Siegecraft Commander has a match-making system which groups you with 1-3 other players quickly and across compatible platforms.


Title: Siegecraft Commander
Genre: Action, Strategy
Blowfish Studios
Blowfish Studios
Release Date: 16 Jan, 2017


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freezes when i click the campaign button. i really like the look of this game, just let me play LUL. I love the game, I saw a few videos on youtube showing the first view, I love it! I really like the concept and the quality of the graphics. I hope you will put more effort to improve the Online multi player game as it's what will support the game in the long run, as more people play online more interesting it becomes. It would be nice to have a global chat inside the game or a 2-3 online multiplayer events each day or a tournament on weekends, just to connect with other players until the community becomes bigger.

Some ideas are easier than others, this is my contribution to you guys! Keep going! Great game!! I bought the game I will certainly enjoy it more if the online multiplayer is more develop than against having an AI.

Thank you!. This is a review for gameplay on the HTC Vive. I'm assuming that the other reviewers must be playing on a monitor, since currently this is one of 2 or 3 RTS games that work in VR.

If you are not playing this in VR then you are not really reviewing the game, since the VR experience is VASTLY different.

I just had the chance to go through the tutorial, and get my feet wet in a PvE match.

This is a FUN game! Once I can get better with the controls, I think I will be ready for domiation of the table, lolol

The graphics are very well done, with the animations of the individual units visible from the farthest zoom. The sound effects are well done, and the whole experience is enjoyable and challenging.. Most Viwe games works fine with Oculus rift, but not this one.
The controllers are non intuitive.
Zoom\/scaling\/rotate controlling, kinda works but is really struggling.
The placement of towers do really suck! 80% of the shoots miss because of that really frustrating crossbow\/shooting interface.
I hope this is fixed since the game overall looks promising.
But until then, I'm gonna avoid this.. Siegecraft Commander has made my computer crash in HORRIFIC fashion 2 out of 3 times, shortly after entering the first level in the first campaign. It's a crash where everything locks up, goes black immediately and there's an extremely loud buzzing sound as my graphics card revs up like crazy and becomes super hot, unnecessarily! I've never seen this with any other game, whether it's VR compatible or conventional.

The time I was able to play and get past the crash point (not sure how), I found this game to be kind of cool and unique, as you had to constantly "shoot out" buildings like cannon fodder in order to branch out your civilization and create better vantage points for the outposts, barracks and other buildings you'll use to eliminate the enemy town. This game also features badass Vive controller skins (beautiful wood grain handle with a gunmetal top).

I think performance could definitely be improved with updates to Siegecraft Commander, and unless they can reach out to me guaranteeing they have patched this recurring crash, I will have to return the game because I'm too scared to put my 1080 through another crash like that.

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