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Project Highrise: Brilliant Berlin Crack And Patch

Project Highrise: Brilliant Berlin Crack And Patch

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Willkommen in Berlin! This city has experienced profound change during its turbulent history. Yet through it all Berlin is still Berlin. Its spirit and elan have endured to create an astonishing, heady mix of artistry and industry that looks to a bright future while remaining ever-mindful of its past. Having reclaimed is role as the capital of Germany, Berlin is now evolving into the world’s reigning capital of cool.

In Brilliant Berlin, you’ll be challenged to adapt and keep up with the diverse needs of this thriving global city. To succeed in Berlin, you will need to build towers brimming with art, amenities, and elegance to lure in discerning tenants.

German engineering

Brilliant Berlin’s new offices and apartments are a cross-section of the city’s population. From software engineers crafting code that will define the next tech trends to the global headquarters of major auto manufacturing firms, you’ll create office space to accommodate a wide spectrum of Berlin’s diverse and expanding economy. With apartments specially designed for families and children, you’ll have a hand in ensuring that Berlin’s future is a bright one. These new office workers and apartment dwellers will expect a suitably apportioned building, so make sure to pay attention to their likes and dislikes to maximize your profitability.

Urban adaptation

Brilliant Berlin expands the impact of your influence and consultants with new art museums, political offices, union halls and tourist centers. You’ll deploy these to create more efficient and prestigious developments. You’ll need to provide ample parking for your new Berlin offices and apartments. New German restaurants coupled with sleek art-deco lobbies and artworks will firmly establish your building’s Berlin bona fides. Top off your new towers with greenspaces in the sky with enticing rooftop decorations, and end your workday with a lager at one of your classic German beer halls. Prost! 7aa9394dea

Title: Project Highrise: Brilliant Berlin
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Kasedo Games
Release Date: 19 Jul, 2018

English,French,Italian,German,Russian,Polish,Simplified Chinese,Japanese,Traditional Chinese

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