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Feelings never change
i could not say they are gone
love is something two should exchange
because love is a bond
love is unity, purity and something with which you meditate
and not sit and dwell upon
it gives you strength when you are weak
love does not make you sad
and if it is dreadful and bleak
that persons love is something you never had
lies become truths, ties undo
love is not a game, or to be mimicked
love is a vine that binds around you
love is the peddles of the rose, not the thorns that prick

love transcends both space and time
love is more powerful than what one can fathom or understand
love is not an act or a mime
love is not just words but also an outstretched hand

so grab mine and let me show you how it is to be loved, and how to be cared
let me be with you forever, staying together, making love from dusk till dawn
let me hold onto a bond, and our hearts, minds and soul's can be shared
some men don't deserve it, the never worked for it and only need you when your gone

love is not something only found in fairy tales
love is not some dude reciting lyrics from an usher song
and if you'd let me we could conquer all and prevail
and my love could lift you up to the place you belong
so wipe your tears, let me put my arm around you, so you can rest your head on my shoulder
so you can take a break and not have to sigh
and i sometimes think of growing older
with you standing right there by my side
let that happiness inside
and let the love come shining in
get up and be yourself girl
live your life once again
love again
i love being your friend, and being around you
but i imagine us as lovers, two halves of one whole
i have searched for a woman to love, and i found you
you have spirit, heart, beauty and soul
i have loved you all along
and i know my love could lift you up to the place you belong...

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Comment by Bobby Z on June 24, 2010 at 1:28pm seems to work in any bind i find myself in whilst in meditation...i discover sub-conscious layers that have been taking too much too seriously for too long........i let the sunlight unwind that trapped tension and suppressed love.........of course i cheat and use herbal remedies to accelerate my evolution............



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