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Wit for wit we are matched so perfectly
A beautiful charming man and a poet with such intensity
I praise myself for being intellgent and never weak
The words just left your lips have left be unable to speak
They roll around in my head as the translation begins to unfold
You are uncertain of our future and say it with such confidence and so bold
You stare into my eyes as you cautiously observe effects of what you say
Awaiting my approval seeing which way Ill pick to sway  
You stand there so beautiful in judgement of mistakes and all flaws
We scream pick each other apart until we are broken and raw
With a regreatful tear in your eye you cant help but laugh and grunt
Ask me can you just tell me here what hell do you want
I reply:
I want you to love me with your heart and soul
Til it hurt goes away and love doesnt have to pay a toll
I want to wipe away the hurt that we have made
Unleash the devil hound dogs hunting each other like a debt thats been unpaid
I want you to reach out and hold my hand in this moment as they shake
My love cant you see im like porcelian so fragile I can break 
I want you to trust in my words as I say you are the man I truly love
Hold on tighter onto us when we begin to push and shove
I want you to see the wonderful man in you that I know exist
Fight your battles with a partner in crime instead of alone and with such protest
I want you to see me vulernable as you try to decide our fate
I want us to figure it out and start with clean slate
Even as this moment hurts like hell my pride is on this line
When our reality has become so blurred and undefined
As I sit here choosing carefully the words to express and say
I just want you to LOVE ME at the end of the day.

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Comment by Bobby Z on March 13, 2010 at 5:25pm
ryhmes good. fuck it always sounds tough for girls with these sensitive emotions. what a difficult to be in the problem and the solution......maybe go to a gay bar and befriend sensitive f*** for support, they just love to help girls and protect them from insensitive brutes,,,,good luck



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