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About This Game

A private detective, who was tasked with finding a missing relative of a wealthy family, enters the den of the Satanist sect, which turned out to be a secret laboratory in which terrible genetic experiments were performed. Gradually, the attempt to unravel the mystery of disappearance turns into a desperate attempt to escape from this hellish place.

- find out if you can overcome your fear and enter a house that is teeming with infernal creatures;
- fight with terrible monsters, creatures of hell or hide from them;
- Uncover a secret of the missing relative and understand what is really going on in this place;
- Look for secret passages in the walls of the house and the keys to the secret doors, find notes;
- and finally, you have to look into the deepest corners of the mind of the main character, to understand who he really is.

Horror. Nightmare. Fear. Monsters. Madness. And again ... And again .... 7aa9394dea

Title: Phobia
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 9 Jun, 2017


Good Indie Horror Game. If you're looking for the game that TBFP played, this isn't it. You're looking for Phobia 1.5

Don't make the same mistake I did.. This game I played for long time. I enjoy at first, very bad, but funny good way. Soon, I get to room. Very big, hurt my computer so frames so bad. While frames bad I need secret key passage to find 3 of them. I look all over room with bad frames but keys hard to find with shaking. I find 2, BIG SUCCESS. But other key, where to find do I? I do not find. I give up. Cry tears, many. Mom asks why I cry, I say this game. We both cry. I miss dad.. I was on the fence on whether to get this game or not. I quite like a good indie game, having said that; most of my library consists of indie games. I understand the limitations of indie game devlopment as well as that quite often devlopers overcharge for games such as this.
This looked alright from the description etc, jumpscares and things make for alright indie horror games even where budget is low so I was quite hopefull going into it.

Gameplay; So it plays as your box standard arcade horror game, you can walk, run, use your flashlight etc. At the beginning you have to avoid the monster, then later on you get a gun and the monsters have to avoid you, pretty simple.

My recommendation is based on the price being reduced at \u00a32.87, I don't think, in my opinion, that it is worth almost \u00a35 (But then I guess price is subjective). I'd recommend based on that it is a working game, the inital few levels looks like the devloper put some thought into the design and built up quite an atmosphere considering the graphics etc. However once you get a gun, it turns into a shooter and that turned me off of the game to be honest. I will play forward and try to beat the game and will adjust my review if required. It was somewhat jarring how the game switches pace and that serves to kill the atmosphere created thus far which is a shame, as it did actually have me on edge for the first two levels.

Just for anyone still on the fence about how the game plays etc I've made a video (No adverts etc) purley as a first look and to show raw footage of the game, as I can't find any other videos of it out there.\/watch?v=A4RsOGafijM&t=12s\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=A4RsOGafijM&t=12s<\/a>. no tutorial, bad quality..

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