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Path of Exile Update Version 1.14 Complete Patch Description (PS4, Xbox One)

On the Adobe PS4 and Xbox One, the Path of Exile may be updated to version 1.14. The following is a new updated patch update for the road to exile.

This is officially marked as the exile path in version 3.7.2, which was first released on the PC. Today, this update is also available to console users.

Console specific
Fixed an oversight caused when the "X" skill was blocked.

Legion improvement
Increase visibility through legion symbols that appear on mmoah rewarded monsters and boxes.
As you approach the active crystal in the permanent conflict zone, an effect is added that will be placed around the character.
Legion monsters can be frozen and the body is usually destroyed by the decomposition of the crystal.
Legion boxes may be affected by the curse.
Re-enable Stygian Vise rewards from Abyss rewards.
Reduce the excessive aggressiveness of various legionaries.
Fixed a bug in which the unique eternal gem of barbaric restraint would hardly fall into the joy of eternal conflict.
Fixed a problem where a unique eternal jewel was not properly limited by 1.
The inadvertent repair of the passive skill modified by the gemstone due to the historical gem (ie the gemstone with unique gemstones in the Legion) will provide the original modification in addition to the conquered state.

Skill improvement
Raise audio to Path of Exile Currency a higher level of sound.
Improved shield charge, leap slam and ground slam.
Lava shell visuals now render correctly when they enter the camera view after they are already active.
Frost link currently supports gems held by Totem, Trap, and Mine.
Multistrike support now supports Bladestorm.

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