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Path of Exile Templar Builds – The “Freeing Pulse”

People often undermine the need for Ice elemental skills. Granted they offer your character a hard time in the early levels. However, once properly made, an elemental Templar may use Ice skills to literally lock-down foes; giving you lots of time to consider them out.
Ultimately the build provides you with POE Items good survivability via your kiting abilities.
Your main staple skill will probably be Freezing Pulse, that later must be linked with further Greater Multiple Projectiles, Cold Penetration, Life Leech and Faster Casting gems.
This build also has a lot of Critical chance nodes. Hence, drop in a few “Increased Critical Strike” gems also. These might help your Freezing Pulse to Buy POE Items obtain around 30% critical chance.
“Elemental Proliferation” goes well while using build, along with “Temporal Chains”. EP will help boost your cold damage while TC will put enemies constantly in place by slowing them.

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