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Path of Exile: Delve Improvements Coming Soon According to New Blog

The latest blog about the Path of Exile site explains the specifics of some improvements towards game's latest League, Delve, inside forseeable future. Among other considerations, players is going to be forward to shared Azurite and Delve Upgrades across a bunch of their account. The provided list isn't to be considered "patch notes", but "numerous concepts we work on", in line with your post.
Changing the EMP charge-up animation and POE Currency adding effects that it must be much more clearly signalled.
Sharing Azurite and Upgrades between characters inside same league using your account.
Fixing the bug where Azurite gets stuck in walls.
Fixing the bug where your light radius will also be visually displayed way too large, which confuses people into thinking the upgrade isn't important. Also it causes monsters that are already actually inside darkness to look like they should be damageable.
Change it so that one Dynamite can often be enough to destroy a Fractured Wall. This may result inside the Dynamite Damage upgrade sound pointless, but try using it round the monsters in really deep depths.
Changing flares ensuring Path of Exile Currency they light instantly, protecting you, and travel for the location you targeted. They will still use instant-casting.
Increasing the lighting radius of flares.
Adding better hinting your Fractured Wall is close to a specific location around the Crawler's path. Did you know that you can one in each cell which doesn't produce an encounter?
Resolving the bug where sometimes the Crawler can teleport away, leading to in darkness.

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