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Path Of Exile 3.6: Item Synthesis Guide

In Path of Exile, a brand new league means new items, and a few leagues even give players a brand new way to produce items. The current league serves the latter. Grinding Gear Games couldn’t are already clearer relating to intent since they named it Synthesis. We’re sure you’re interested in the new items and item creation methods, so keep an eye and learn more.

Complete Parts of a Whole

In Path Of Exile: Synthesis, both the brand new kind of items and the brand new way of creating products are intricately related. The former is what’s generally known as Fractured Items, that happen to be items that have fractured modifiers, they're modifiers that can't be changed by POE Orbs PS4 or other POE Currency. These fractured items can be purchased in memory zones in Acts and memories from the Memory Nexus. While they can be employed by themselves, their ultimate purpose shall be ingredients with this league’s eponymous process: Synthesis. This is performed by combining three fractured items while using the resulting item called a synthesized item.

There are various factors that affect the resulting Synthesized Item’s properties. First off may be the base item the synthesized item will develop into. This is determined by the fractured items being utilized. If all of the fractured items getting used POE PS4 Orbs vary in base item type, the RNG could be the one to decide. If two or every one of the fractured items shares precisely the same base type, then your synthesized item will be really much like the items used.

As for Item level, it’s dictated from the fractured item while using highest level used inside synthesis. So when setting up a synthesized item, it’s wise to include a fractured item which has a high level. Aside from that, it's also possible to throw in two low-level items along having a high-level one, subsequently helping you conserve on good, high-leveled items in lieu of putting every one of them in one pot.

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