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Path of Exile 3.6: Comprehensive Project Guide

In the "Path of Exile", the new alliance means new items, and some alliances provide players with new ways to invent items. The current league caters to the latter. Grinding Gear Games was unable to distinguish their intentions because of its name Synthesis. We are sure that you are curious about new projects and project creation methods, so please read and understand more.

Overall good part

In the Path of Exile: in the synthesis, new types of projects and new ways of creating projects are confusing. The former is the so-called broken item, it is the item with the broken modifier, these are the modifiers that cannot be changed by POE Orbs or any other POE Currency. These broken items can be obtained in the memory area of ​​Acts and in the memory of Memory Nexus. Although they can be used alone, their ultimate goal is to become a component of the process of synonymous in this alliance: synthesis. This is performed by combining three broken projects, and the resulting project is called a synthetic project.

There are several factors that affect the properties of the generated Synthesized Item. The first is the fundamental project of the synthetic project. It depends on the broken items used. If the basic item type of all broken items used is different, the RNG will be resolved accordingly. If two or all broken items share the same underlying type, the synthesized item will be very similar to the item being used.

As for the item level, it is determined by the highest level of broken items used in the synthesis. Therefore, it is preferable to include a high-level crushing project when manufacturing a synthetic project. In addition, you can also invest in two low-level projects and one high-level project to help you save high-quality, high-level projects instead of putting them all in one pot.
Strength and other statistics in the numbers

Next will be the number of fracture models that the synthetic project will have. This depends on the fracture model used to have several fracture models. If they all have the same number of mods, the composite project will have the same number of mods as the three projects being used.

However, if one or two projects have fewer or fewer break models than the one with the largest number of mods, the number of break models on the composite project will be a toss. To prevent using only one or fewer broken mods instead of one or two broken items you use, make sure they all have the same number of mods.
By number

Regarding the break model that will be transferred to the synthetic project, it will depend on the RNG. To increase the chances of getting the mod you want, get as many broken items as possible to share the same mod. Using this approach, you can choose which form you want the composite project to have, eliminating the need to use the exact corrector you want and the fixer set to find a specific project.

Today, when touching the value of an implicit mod that a composite Path of Exile Currency has, it depends on all mod-implicit or other properties of a particular property in all broken terms. For example, if the synthetic project would have a life model, if the broken project had few lives in total, then the synthetic project would be the same. If it does, then it will.

The Path of Exile: Integration ultimately allows players to put together the most appropriate projects for them, while reducing the impact of RNG. If they are right, that is. Then, with these guidelines, you will definitely!

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