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Order Of Battle: U.S. Pacific Keygen Online

Order Of Battle: U.S. Pacific Keygen Online

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Note: If you had bought Order of Battle - Pacific then you already own this DLC!

December 7, 1941 – the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor left America shocked and the US Navy stunned. Glorious battleships such as USS Arizona were sunk or put out of action for. This infamous raid gave Japan a serious advantage right from the start, but they have sorely underestimated the American determination to overcome this setback and fight back the aggression. Four long years of war now lay ahead to determine the outcome of this epic struggle...

As the commanding officer of the US Pacific forces, the player is tasked to put a halt to the Japanese aggression and restore American supremacy in this part of the globe. From the early blow at Pearl Harbor to the final battles in the Japanese archipelago, recruiting new units, giving the right orders and organizing an effective supply chain are essential on the path to ultimate victory. New technologies and equipment will gradually become available, allowing players to modernize their army, fleet and airforce throughout the campaign.

In Order of Battle: U.S. Pacific you take control over the American army and fleet in some of the most iconic land and naval battles of the Pacific Theatre of WW2.


Pearl Harbor
War Plan Orange-3
Marshalls-Gilberts Raid
Coral Sea
New Georgia
Philippine Sea
Tokyo 1075eedd30

Title: Order of Battle: U.S. Pacific
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
The Artistocrats
Release Date: 14 Jun, 2016


I never write reviews, but wow, what a game. Though it pains me to say it I think OOB:Pacific is 'better' than Panzer General\/Corps. Though they share the same DNA and OOB clearly owes a debt to its ground breaking predecessors, OOB has moved things up a notch or indeed several notches.

I have huge respect for Panzer General and its successor franchises which I have played for years, but there is something about OOB that has taken this sub-genre to a new level. It isn't just the 3-D sprites (which are a nice feature and add more imersion than you would imagine), or the refreshing Pacific settings (though I think the Pacific Islands work amazingly well for a tactical level war game); its more the beautiful pacing and balance, which creates real dramatic tension and imparts an almost movie-like feel as each scenario map unfolds.

There are also some really smart scenario carry-over ideas across the Campaign. Several times an increasingly veteran battleship has arrived via an unexpected plot twist mid-scenario to get me out of trouble on land or at sea. The pacing of the game is great and the tactical options and challenges the good sized maps and opposing units create is pure joy and each scenario is a decent length each feeling like a full game in its own right.

I've heard some grumbles about the sea battle scenarios. Whilst most accept the land battles are great. I personally think the sea battles are really compelling, especially as they are integrated into the entire Pacific campaign as it rolls out. Most of the early contacts between the Japanese and US Forces were at sea as the US recovered from Pearl Harbour and took on the Japanese Carriers prior to gaining control of the ocean and begining the Marine Landings.

And as for the land combat, each Pacific Island is its own Puzzle to crack. Every Island is a different size, shape, different mountains, rivers valleys and defensive strategies from the embedded Japanese.

For doubters or interested alike, I recomend grabbing the new Free To Play version - OOB WW2, and maybe play a few rounds of the free 'Boot Camp' campaign. Then, if you like it, make a modest investment into the paid campaigns which seem reasonably priced now as DLC running on the new FTP engine rather than as full priced games.

This is turn based, isometric, 2-d wargaming. It is not Deus EX or Black Desert Online, however I have had infinately more fun playing OOB:Pacific in the last week or so than I have had from either of those AAA titles or in fact any of the other flashy and expensive games on my Steam Drive.

Given I'm only a third of the way through the US Pacific Campaign and have the Japanese Campaigns and the intriguing US Marines Campaign yet to purchase, as well as the new Finland v USSR Campaign to delve into, all for around a tenner, what great value this franchise offers.. Pacific General on crack.

Sea and air battles were great fun, especially Midway.

Only small item that I thought could be changed is the cursor sticking to your carriers after you land a plane. In short, once you land the curser automatically targets your carrier, so when you go to click on the next plane, you mistakenly move your carrier out of position. Not a big deal, but just a thought.

I'd give it two thumbs up if I could. Currently playing the other expansions, but I will be back to this one again.. The scenarios are rubbish. The victory conditions and defeat conditions are often arbitrary. The naval combat just does not work. The air combat could use some polish. Especially when it comes to making it clear just what kind of fighter a particular plane is. Apparently there are three types: interceptor, dogfighter, and heavy fighter. Good luck finding out which plane belongs to which category. The land combat works fairly well though. But amphibious operations are a tedious mess. Let's just say that the Morning Sun campaign is a thousand times better than the pig slop that is the U.S. Pacific campaign. I guess this means that Slytherin is taking feedback seriously. So, hopefully we'll just look back at this as the really bad campaign for Order of Battle and enjoy the material that came out later.. I have to assume that there will be a couple of more DLC for the US army to include the land battles in New Guinea and the Phillipines. While this DLC has some land combat I did not enjoy all the naval combat. The system for naval is not my favorite but over all I do enjoy the series and this DLC.. Your struggle begins on a day which will live in infamy. You race to scramble a handful of fighters and to activate a few AA guns. This meagre force is overwhelmed over battleship row by the swarming hordes of Japanese bombers, but you fight on because every enemy plane you splash saves lives.

A few hours later, Japan invades the Philippines. Your forces there are rocked back on their heels by the unexpected Japanese assault. Your front line is forced to execute a fighting retreat, valiantly striving to give your army time to evacuate men, equipment, and supplies from the rear.

You find yourself pushed back to the Bataan Penninsula. The situation is dire, as the Japanese just won't stop coming, wave after wave of tanks and infantry. Your men hold their ground as well as any force ever has, but are inevitably pushed back - until there's no where to go. With the sea at their backs, they dig in their heels and make one last stand.

The war rages on and on, never seems to end. The U.S. forces slowly turn the tide, getting back into the fight until they are finally able to take the initiative. The Marshall Islands. The Coral Sea.


Your codebreakers disover the Japanese are planning a major invasion there. You organize your forces, hoping the element of surprise will be enough to give you the edge over the massive fleet sailing your way.

Guadalcanal. New Georgia. The list goes on.

Ultimate victory over Japan can only be acheived by leading your men on the ground, at sea, and in the air, in a desperate, life or death struggle against an enemy who would rather die than surrender. You'll need to plan, and then to fight and claw your way to victory.

War in the Pacific is all hell.

10\/10.. The 8th mission in this pack, Leyte, is my favorite mission in any DLC. An amphibious invasion of the Phillippines is the feature, complete with large-scale naval battles, air support, kamikaze....much more. The whole campaign is a fun approach to the theatre, which each victory enabling you to build on the other.

Very worth the pricepoint. You'll probably get a dollar or more per hour of playtime of this (and more yet if it's not on sale).

Also I have a 4-star Jeep zooming around lighting up scattered defenses and the ability to utilize Jeeps with machine guns is something every game should have. Buy it.. WARNING. U.S. Pacific DLC DOES NOT work for the iMac. No scenarios, or anything. I got into a long
email back and forth with Slitherine Support, to no avail. I only received lame excuses and delay. Then a long fight to try to get my money back. Steam store would not provide a refund because I took to long with Slitherine support, believing they could help. I did finally get a refund from my credit card. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.. The OoB pacific and all the dlc is a no brainer if your a WW2 gamer this is defintly one of the best i have played strategy at its best one thing i can say Get It!!!. What a war!
Get this excellent DLC.. Pretty happy with War in the Pacific, would like the game to let me advance to coral sea scenario, which it won't do even after I won victories in the Marshall-Gilbert scenario three times

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