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One Troll Army Full Crack [key Serial]

One Troll Army Full Crack [key Serial]

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About This Game

Crush hundreds of minions as the powerful giant troll!
Tiny Goblins call on you to protect their fort, in exchange for armor, money and new moves to smash and loot minions!
Goblins build towers, barracks and catapults over each wave to help you fight back bigger minions and bosses!

Play Against The Twitch Chat! Enable Twitch integration to allow your viewers to directly control units

  • Fight as a boss troll with 12 upgradeable skills. Kick, Knock, Wheel, Quake, Taunt, Jump, Ram and Loot your way through the horde!
  • Defeat various enemies: from small rats to huge ballista-wielding rhino and buffalo bosses. 21 types of enemies and 15 bosses.
  • Manage the crowd of goblins. Make them builders, looters, miners, loggers and more to harvest resources, restore the fort, get the loot and build new structures.
  • Manage the fort. Build and upgrade 7 buildings with 3 levels of upgrades from small huts to great castles.
  • Build and upgrade defense towers. Each fort has 4 towers with 4 types of weapons (stone-thrower, archer, catapult, bomber). Also upgrade weapon types at the barracks.
  • Hire and upgrade orc mercenaries for support- but don’t let them die on the battlefield!
  • More than 50 goals and achievements.

Title: One Troll Army
Genre: Casual, Indie, Strategy
Release Date: 20 May, 2016


While I didn't really play it.... The troll is pretty straight up. What a nice guy.
Plus, after I hit double speed for the first time and watched the troll double time back and forth it was worth the 5sec DL.. +The main feature of this game is that it can be played by twitch streamers whos subscribers names appear in the game.
-While this is neat, its mostly just a gimmick to promote free advertising for a bad game design. If the game was actually fun to play and interesting to watch someone play, this would be a good thing, except its just the opposite.

-The problem is the UI. The UI has sliders hidden behind button menus whose sole purpose for being in the game is to make you micro-manage those sliders. This creates an artificial difficulty level, unless you constantly pause the game and waste unecessary real time. This seems to be done purely to distract, annoy, and frustrate the twitch streamer throughout the game. Its as if it was designed for a phone using a touch screen and not a twitch streamer. Rather than making the game actually challenging- you will find yourself struggling mainly against the UI as the the sliders I mentioned earlier are pureposly designed to waste your time. On top of that you must click spam constantly to be effective and there are no hotkeys to activate your skills in the game. So you must click constantly, then stop clicking and click a skill.
By the way, when you stop to click a skill you stand still and you can be repeatedly knocked down by enemies and this interrupts your skills, putting you in an unaviodable death loop if you are knocked down a single time near a decent group of enemies.

-Strange coincidence? The troll "gallops" and steers and breaths just like a horse. Also, what troll lives in a castle? Pretty sure this orignally was a game about a knight on a horse defending from orcs rather than a troll. Its so obvious that its painful. Its almost as if there was some last minute changes due to lack of funding, a artist willing to complete the unfinished assets, or a copyright claim, or some other barrier. Its hard to believe this was done intentionally, but either way to me its a red flag signaling bad decisions.

-The game runs at 24 fps no matter what graphics setting you run it at.

-The whole stream to decide wether the game would be free or not is laughable. Its should be fairly obvious that this was the only option they had to get anyone to not refund the game within the time limit and to attempt to get a larger audiance to pay for the DLC. A good strategy.

-The real troll is the game developer for implimenting these poorly crafted systems and actually expecting someone to freely promote this painful experience by streaming it. I mean it would be a great marketing strategy, if it was actually a good game. Instead, its a dull experience that doesn't end. Due to all of the repition of the core game loop the game becomes a grind that only becomes less appealing.

+If the UI is ever completly redone, hotkeys are added, and the core game loop becomes less repetitive, with zero need to pause, it might actually work out. Check back for version 2.0 or 3.0 etc if they are still working on it, but with so many problems I wouldn't get your hopes up. What seems more likely is that another developer will try a similar idea and do it properly.. Well made Fortress building\/defense game.
Fairly short, but with a good replay value.. While I didn't really play it.... The troll is pretty straight up. What a nice guy.
Plus, after I hit double speed for the first time and watched the troll double time back and forth it was worth the 5sec DL.. Shrek simulator. Buggy, but fun.. A surprise free to play game that was fun and challenging, tower defense mix with some strategy and a little town management.. Great for a free game and a lot of fun to play. Though not much more then a couple of hours of gameplay.. Great game, regardless of if it's free or not... it's just a perfect mix of tower defense, strategy, and RPG elements in an easy to pick-up and play package.

If you ever played a TD, you will generally know how to play this game with the basic un-intrusive tutorial.

If you ever played a Diablo-esque hack-and-slash, you will know how to control the giant troll and activate skills.

The game is simple, yet fun.

Get the game for free, buy the costume pack to support the devs who stuck by their word and desided to give this game away for free to the publics, and enjoy a great game that looks perfectly fine even on the lowest settings (like in my case, as I was playing this on a non-gaming laptop as opposed to my built gaming desktop, not really expecting much).

So no, this is NOT a great FREE game... it's just a great game that I got because it was free, and then enjoyed a lot more than what I thought I possibly could.

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