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Old-school WW2 FPS Battalion 1944 holding a beta next week

Last December, developer Bulkhead Interactive released a behind-the-scenes trailer for Battalion 1944, their openly old-school WW2 shooter. The trailer launched alongside a tease for the next trailer released today, announcing Battalion's Steam Early Access release date—Thursday, February 1.
As previously reported, Bulkhead expects Battalion to be Early Access for about one year. In a pr release, the studio confirmed it's going to launch with six game RS Gold modes. The studio previously said Battalion will retail for $15, which can be lower than the lower tier of that Kickstarter campaign (that has been fully funded in mere three days, with the way). As such, Kickstarter backers will "gain use of unique backers-only skins, multiple cosmetics and vanity-focused loot crates."
A statement on Battalion's Steam page clarifies its stance on Early Access pricing: "Battalion 1944 will retail for just a cheaper entry price during Early Access while using intent to increase the price at full release. This would be to reward and encourage those that invest in Battalion to Buy RS Gold the long term during Early Access. All extra DLC content will probably be free."
Ahead from the Early Access release, Bulkhead will hold a closed beta from Friday, January 19 through Sunday, January 21. Battalion's Kickstarter backers and Humble Bundle supporters are guaranteed access on the beta, along with players can bid to get a slot via this web site. The beta will feature two maps and game modes: 'domination' mode for the map Manorhouse V1, and 'wartide' mode around the map Liberation.

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