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Old friend can you lend me a ear

Old friend I cant believe its been almost a year

Theres so much too catch up on soo much too say

Tell how is heaven treating you these days


You had a heart like a angel but a mind like a sinner

When life tried too defeat you,you always came out a winner

I guess this time the race was a little too long

I know til the end you tried too remain strong


Its hard not too shelter some of the blame

I pick myself apart driving my mind insane

Where there clues that I missed some things I didnt see

If you needed a shoulder you could have always counted on me


Winter was always your favorite season

I know you felt in your heart that you had your reasons

But living a life without you just wasnt planned

I pray one day too try too understand


Old friend I pray that listening and hear

Old friend you were loved by so many my dear

We laugh about old memories , you left us with so much too say

Hope heaven is treaing you well these days.

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Comment by Bobby Z on December 14, 2011 at 10:26pm

morbidly sad......i had some people in my life pass recently............suicide and overdose.......too much ,,,,dont like to think about it



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