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They say something has been awoken in the old woods...

Obscura is not a 5d3b920ae0

Title: Obscura
Genre: Indie, Simulation
Obscura Team
Release Date: 27 Jul, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  • Processor: Inte


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I bought this on sale at a hefty 90% discount. I lasted about five minutes before deciding it was a litttle bit *too* creepy for the time and place I first played it. I, therefore, am not qualified to give a full review, but It's definitely worth a punt for u00a30.71. It's *really* creepy. From my limited time in the game (so far) I can say that it has fullly customisable rendering options and fluid controls.. Ami vreau bani anapoi golanilor ka ami trebuie viar shi eu nam dalea ca e scupe golanii dracului ce suntetzi, voi nu stitzi kum e sha traieshti an romania ka aiki nai bani de o paine shi un pateu ka al dai pe tzigari shi voit vretzi sami iau viar? sami datzi bani anapoi, SA VINA DOMNUL IOHANNIS! va pwp, astept banii inapoi ba.. For short: This is a overpriced VR horror game that has a few cool concepts but the lack of a story or any interesting gameplay makes me not recomend this game. Scares: I don't think there was any part in this game where I felt even remotely scared. After the first three go throughs I am left to believe that there is nothing to do in the game other than wait for the ghost/demon to scream at you, which was just a failed jumpscare just about every time. Story: This section is kind of simple. There isn't really one. You go into a scene in which the same ghost/demon approaches you as you watch the same few signals of her approach. Once the lady screams at you, you are teleported back to a area where you read a couple notes then go into the next section. The backstory behind the ghost/demon can be found through the notes, but it is hard to follow as very little information is given at a time and the isn't too interesting anyway. Gameplay: This section is also pretty simple. There is no gameplay really. As I mentioned earlier all you do is look at the signs that the ghost/demon is walking over to you and a few other objects to see her coming. The items that allow you to see her are pretty cool and they are probably one of the few good things about the game. Is it worth it?: No, not at all. For 20 dollars I would expect this game to at least have some form of gameplay or an intreging story. I know that it says it is not a "Traditional game" but saying it is not a traditional game would not make me think that it is just an interactive horror clip. I would just stay away from this game. Edit: I would also like to add that it being "different every playthrough" is just getting a different combination of items and locations. It isn't really anything special, so if that is why you were considering getting this game, definetly don't bother.. If you like jump scares, and all you want is jump scares, this is the game for you. Though it seems to be the same one over and over. Otherwise, this should be called Mummy Simulator 2017 because 30 minutes in all I'm doing in every scene is holding my arms straight out and rotating my torso back and forth. 30 minutes of that. No change. Jump scare, mummy position, jump scare, mummy position.. Ami vreau bani anapoi golanilor ka ami trebuie viar shi eu nam dalea ca e scupe golanii dracului ce suntetzi, voi nu stitzi kum e sha traieshti an romania ka aiki nai bani de o paine shi un pateu ka al dai pe tzigari shi voit vretzi sami iau viar? sami datzi bani anapoi, SA VINA DOMNUL IOHANNIS! va pwp, astept banii inapoi ba.. So I'm not the type of person to get easily scared and I won't be having any nightmares after playing this game or anything. But what this game did do is increase my heart rate and build suspense. The VR scenarios this dev created are simply beautifully breath-taking and amazing in creating a sense of dread. Whether it's a crow slowly flying and landing near you or a gate opening or a sound in the distance, you slowly start to feel alone and powerless to stop whatever evil force is coming. The abandoned cabin you are in, suddenly starts to feel too small. It is true that there isn't much of a game here or a story. However, it's the experience that this dev brings which brings entertainment value. I honestly can't wait to share this experience with my friends and family and see their reactions. Jump scares may be cheap, but it's the buildup with all the little details along the way that make it work in this game versus other games from other devs. Just notice the mushrooms in the grounds, the details of the trees and the ambient sounds. Everything was detailed to bring the maximum horror to such a simple concept. Sale Price Rating 7/10 Definitely a must buy for horror fans for $6.79 is a good deal for the content, at normal price of $19.99 I would only give a tepid recommendation

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