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Not Able to Send and Receive Email on ATT Email

ATT Email Contact Number

Email is the best way to communicate or send an attachment to others. It helps a user to make easy and fast data sharing through email. ATT email is one of the famous email service available. ATT email is used by millions of people all around the world. If you find ATT Email Customer Support, then you can perform the instructions given in this blog.

Reasons behind this emailing problem

  • Older browser

If you are not able to send or receive an email, there might be an issue that you are using an older browser. If you use the older internet explorer or any other outdated browser then you can face this problem.

  • Hacked email

The hacked email account is one of the common factors behind this issue. If you share the email account and password with anybody then you are compromising with the security of your email account.

  • Check the spam folder

Check the email in spam folders, there are chances that the emails you are receiving are coming in the spam folder.

  • Check trash folder

Like spam email might go into the trash. You should make sure that emails are not going into the trash.

  • 3rdparty app

If you are using any 3rd party app like outlook or any other apps then there might be some problem.

These are some reasons that might be responsible for emailing failure.

  • Troubleshooting steps when you are unable to send or receive messages on ATT email

If any of the above-mentioned points are responsible for emailing failure then you can resolve the issue with some troubleshooting steps. Some solutions are as follows:

  • Upgrade browser

If you are using an outdated browser then make sure to use an updated browser for better performance and better emailing.

  • Do not share email password

Hacking is a general issue of email failure. You should avoid to share the email password and keep it safe.

  • Setting

If the emails are going into the trash or spam folder, then you should change the settings.

  • Disable 3rdparty app

To avoid emails into a spam folder or trash folder you should disable 3rd party apps.


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These are some solutions that can fix the problem when you are unable to send or receive emails on ATT email. If these methods don’t work, then take techies help who are always available on customer support service.


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