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Nick Free Download Crack With Full Game

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About This Game

Time to kick some ChristmASS.

Nick is a free VR survival shooter defense game. Built in the Unreal engine, this first-person, room-scale VR experience lets users take control of a variety of weapons and tools to fight off endless waves of evil robotic elves. As Santa, users must move around the environment to set up defenses and dodge attacks to beat back the onslaught. 'Tis the season!


- Step into Nick’s boots to make a last stand in this room-scale interactive VR experience.
- Hone your skills with the game tutorial.
- Select the level of difficulty from three options.
- Face crushing waves of deranged killer robo-elves each with different abilities.
- Use the “Santa’s Little Helper” suction gun alongside your trusty mallet to turn everything around you into a weapon.
- Board up windows to fortify your defenses between waves.
- Maintain your workshop’s energy source by collecting battery cells dropped by defeated elves to power the generator.
- Christmas Easter Eggs (oh, the irony) abound!
- Save the holidays. Well, you can’t... But you can hold out as long as possible.
- Nick is compatible with the HTC Vive


The year is 2027. Civil unrest grips the North Pole. Santa Claus, a Rockefeller-ian captain of industry and a figure of hope and progress, has fallen on hard times. His once insurmountable manufacturing empire has given up massive ground to the dual-pronged threat of overseas production and digital distribution.

In order to keep up with a changing manufacturing landscape, Santa decided to automate his workshop by installing a mechanized, robotic production system led by an Artificial Intelligence named P.A.L. (Polar Algorithmic Computer). For the first few months, everything seemed copacetic. Then came an efficiency test… that Santa, by dint of being flesh and blood as opposed to mechanical marvel, inevitably failed. P.A.L. repurposed the once-peaceful robo-elf manufacturing arm into an army bent on assassination, and set out to wipe Santa from the face of the Earth. Why? To maximize profits, of course!

Enter Nick—Santa Claus’ badass survivalist alter ego. Nick’s on the run, evading and fighting P.A.L.’s robot forces as he traverses the Polar wasteland. Fueled by weapons-grade eggnog and righteous Christmas wrath, he's made it to his final outpost: a remote satellite workshop originally meant for experimental toy R&D. Here, Nick readies his defenses, makes peace with his maker and prepares to make his last stand in. That’s where you come in… 7ad7b8b382

Title: Nick
Genre: Action, Free to Play, Indie, Strategy
Firstborn Games
Firstborn Games
Release Date: 1 Dec, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: i5
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 970
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 600 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Vive only


Played a few minutes and found +10 bugs... sound not working, tutorial not working, I had two pairs of hands... Cool concept, free, but unplayable at its current state!. Seems very buggy, First i lost audio for a min but it came back.. then i lost the use of my hands. controllers still connected but vanished but most frustrating although i could use the gadgets around the workshop I didnt see one single enemy. it was constantly restarting waves but i never had anyone to shoot at even after breaking down the front door to walk out.. This game has amazing graphics and Tim Burton type atmosphere that is excellent stress relief after dealing with humans at the office!. Definetly has potential

+good story)))
+good graphics
+good sound, Nick's replicas are cool
+++incredibly immersive for a game with cartoon graphics

-only 2 weapons (one of is a hammer)
-forget the room scale thing (clients were surprised in a bad way that you cant go outside or to the second floor)
-no traps

basically the game needs more objects, guns, locations and inspiration from COD Zombies)

I recommend this game because with minor improvement it can be a major success. hands glitch

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