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New Class Evolution is being added to Astellia Online

Today, Astellia will see the introduction of a new system of his Evolution class, brought in players who reach level 50 with their characters is another way to grow and play MMO. The new system will allow players to choose one of the three branches to develop into, giving more variety to each class at Astellia. Detailed in a new post on the blog Astellia, Barunson has broken new system for players interested in continuing on their way past level 50. Once players hit the mark, they can choose one of three specializations for moving through, changing the experience gained into star ratings. They ranks of stars show your progress, and will open a new exclusive ability to rank first and third.

Finally, after the character has reached the fifth rank, he will obtain a permanent revival of one of the key capabilities. Kind of exclusive and statistical skills and the ability awakened can be controlled by opening the character sheet and then clicking the "Evolution Info". This exclusive capability and statistics will be maintained during this evolution takes place. But players are not restricted to having just one evolution. Woke 5-star skills will mante.nute even after changing the path. However, Exclusive Skill, EXP and statistics will be lost. When starting to play Astellia game, Astellia Online Asper is a necessary element on condition that you would like to hold a leadership position in Astellia game.

Along with awakened version of 'Smoke Screen', which gives an additional effect to apply poison to any hostile targets that enter the area while the ability is active. After selecting another evolutionary path as Nightblade, or Avenger, the effect Waking up in the 'Smoke Screen' will be maintained. Allowing players to further custom tailor their capabilities around the style of play they prefer. We hope you enjoyed this preview Evolutions next class!

Players can only choose one path of evolution that is presented to them, but they are not required to stay on that road. Players can swap lines - and star ratings they walk with them - if they choose to shake it a bit, and while the 5 skills will carry over Awakened Star, exclusive skills, EXP and statistics will not.

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