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About This Game

Millionaire Dancer is a rhythm game that can dance in VR.
Beyond simply matching the pattern, experience the feeling of dancing
Feel various rhythms, 5d3b920ae0

Title: Millionaire Dancer
Genre: Casual, Indie, Early Access
Realgam games
Realgam games
Release Date: 16 Apr, 2019


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processors
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM


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Patch 1.3.17 Beta : Some users have had sound issues for a while we have trouble identifying. This version uses a newer version of Fmod that could help with that (or not.) and we need to know, so if you have an error on startup saying the sound cannot initialize, we would like to know if this version is helping. We are doing a beta to know if there are some side effects, so even if you don't have any sound issues, you can test this version and let us know if you have any new problems. If you want to play the very this, follow these steps: Go to your Steam Library Right-click on Zombie Night Terror and select "Properties" Go to the tab marked "Betas" In the drop-down box, select "beta" Wait for the game to finish updating, you should see the branch name listed after the game name.. Level Editor Beta is Now Available! : Hey there again Fellow Deadheads, Were thrilled to let everyone know that the Level Editor Beta is now available for anyone whom owns the game on Steam! This new Level Editor feature allows players to create their custom levels and import official new ones into their game. The Level Editor Feature is currently only available in Beta Form though, as were still working on finalizing everything and improving it to a state that we feel everyone will be happy with. Therefore you can expect that there will be bugs with the feature, and that using it wont be the smoothest experience for now. Because of this we decided to place the Level Editor Beta on its own Special branch here on Steam, so that those interested in checking it out can do so, but it wont interfere with everyone elses enjoyment of the game. To utilize the level editor, you must first access it on Steam. Heres a brief breakdown on how to access the right branch and enable the feature: Go to Zombie Night Terror in your Steam Library Right click on the game Scroll down the available options in the resulting drop-down menu and then select " properties. " After this you must then go to the " betas " tab and click on the downward facing arrow key under the Select the beta you would like to opt into: " option Select leveleditor from the resulting drop-down menu Finally click " close " and you will know that the process was successful when the game reads as " Zombie Night Terror [leveleditor] " in your Steam library Once you download the update associated with switching to the right branch on Steam, you will be able to access the Level Editor Feature from within the game. Were still working on finalizing the feature, so there are currently some limitations as to what players can do with it (besides creating custom levels and importing official new levels). Heres a brief breakdown of the current limitations associated with the Beta: No sharing via Steam Workshop for now Chapters edition is not ready yet The UI is not final (and we know that its currently ugly) Some tools are not included yet (like line & rectangle painting) Challenges are not useable Please expect to run into a lot of bugs whilst utilizing the Level Editor Beta Were still working on the final version and would really love all of you feedback as it would greatly help us to deliver the best Level Editor that we can for everyone to enjoy! We really hope that you guys will enjoy what the feature already has to offer and we cant wait to hear all of your feedback! So please share any thoughts that you might have about the Level Editor in the Beta section of the games Steam forum here or feel free to write to us directly at .. Patch 1.1.7 : Fixed escape key not working for some players, preventing the pause menu from opening Fixed sniper sometimes not being able to fire from some angles when a few zombies where stacked together Balanced sniper in to counteract its increased firing efficiency and reduce difficulty in some levels Fixed sniper blood contamination animation not synchronized with the main animation Fixed incorrect material on the final boss resulting lightning issues Reduced last boss challenge timing to 2m30s from 5m30s to make it more challenging (it was not) Changed OpenGL backend on Mac OS to prevent black screens on startup. Linux Version and Patch #3 beta are Now Available; So there's Fun for Everyone! : Hey there again Fellow Dead-Heads, We're thrilled to let everyone know that we've just released the Linux version of the game as promised, so Linux lovers can now jump-on and lead their own undead army too! A Huge thanks to all of the people that helped us test this version during its Beta, as we couldn't have done this without all of you! Besides this, we're also happy to announce that Patch #3 beta is now available to all users; so today's update has something fun for everyone! This update includes numerous requested fixes and enhancements, all of which further help improve the experience that the game has to offer for everyone. For a full list of changes that this patch introduces, please see its full changelog here: In addition to the above mentioned improvements, this patch also includes the following user requested New Features: New Features: Improved jump preview that now takes the zombie's size into account Levels now wait for a challenge to be completed before showing the end level screen Added brightness and gamma settings (accessible from the video tab in the settings menu) Added an option to change screen setting Added a colorblind option We still have numerous other additional Free Content Updates planned for the upcoming months, including the promised Level Editor Feature and New Levels.. Patch 1.1.8 : Added an error message on startup if steam could not initialize correctly Added a cut-scene at the end of Zombie Testing Facility to prevent killing the Tank Fixed human characters unable to attack in tight spaces Fixed zombie stepping onto walls in Zombie Testing Facility Fixed 3rd and last boss being black on some mac Fixed loading screen changing contrast & brightness while loading Fixed Zombinator reacting to scream Fixed zombies floating in the air after a sprint attack on a breakable floor Fixed blood effect on Michelle in Blood in the Scale cut-scene Fixed spits start position not synced with Overlord position Fixed Overlords sliding down slopes when created at specific positions Changed external snipers orientations in The Living Horde Fixed exploit in The Living Horde. Spanish Translation and patch 1.3.9 : Thanks to Carlos Javier Cuevas, one of our players who graciously made the translation for us, the game is no available in Spanish. We hope our Spanish players will be happy to enjoy the game in their native language! If you find any issues with it, don't hesitate to let us know in the forum.. Zombie Night Terror is available NOW!!! : Hey there fellow undead masterminds, We just couldn't hold back the infection any longer, so we decided to open the doors and get this Apocalypse started! So if you're tired of seeing poor lovable Zombies get a bad rep for trying to make the world less crowded, or if you're just tired of people being the worst in general, then it's time to take control of you own personal Zombie horde and clean up the streets. Control each moment of the zombie outbreak, spreading the virus as thoroughly as possible, and lead your own zombie horde using special mutations to bypass traps, and turn uncooperative prey into brain-hungry allies. But beware, not all humans are useless meatbags, some will fight back in inventive ways. So this summer, forget about saving the world.. Patch 1.1.5 : This version is apparently causing some problems with numerous people, especially those ho have started the game for the first time. The game as been rollback to the previous version until we can find what the problem is. Sorry for the inconvenience.. Level Editor Beta - Workshop support : We are almost ready to add the workshop support to the beta, but we need some help before letting everyone use it. If you interested in testing the workshop as soon as the update is live, just follow the instruction here.. Patch : Fixed a regression preventing save files from being created at first launch

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