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About This Game

Militia is a bite-sized turn-based strategy game that brings the thrill of victory to single-player. It's simple to pick up, and from the moment you start, you'll be learning and improving -- building your skills, learning new strategies, and ranking up on the single player ladder. And as you do, the game evolves with you, providing a worthy challenge every time. Militia also features procedurally generated levels so the challenge stays fresh.

In Militia, you are the leader of a small troop of warriors, mages and cavalry and attempt to rout the local marauding banditry by dispatching their captains. Gameplay is turn based; on your turn you can issue one command to each of your units, and then the enemies each move on their turn according to strict and transparent movement rules.

  • NOTE: Includes Dark World expansion content for free (The Dark World is a separate and advanced game mode with its own heroes, enemies and ladder).

"[Militia] might be the best single player strategy game I've played this year." -Keith Burgun (Lead designer of Auro, Dinofarm Games)
"Militia is potentially a true star for strategy gamers." - PlayPlayFun
"Really digging this so far. It's like a party-based Hoplite." - IndieGameHunt (Game Jolt editor)
"It's like chess. Except much better." - Game Jolt review


Title: Militia
Genre: Strategy
Release Date: 2 Dec, 2015


Great little tactics game! Some similarities to chess, but more straightforward. Easy to pick up, but gets challenging quickly (in a good way). Very much recommended for all fans of strategic thinking!

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