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wanted to write a poem for little boy battling cancer here in New Orleans.I found this poem to be the most challenging Ive ever written.Because my goal was to write a poem of inspiration to give hope and when you try to relate our world with that of cancer patient everything came out" deepest darkest tunnels,never ending dispair."I didnt want this to be message I was trying to convey to little boy fighting for his life everyday.I had to dig deep to really find a way to write a poem truly focused on faith.This is the result.

Poem for "Micah"

Upon unsturdy feet I learned to walk
Stumbled a few words before I could talk
Few bruised knees little scared of the unknown
My mother whispered fear not my child you shall never walk alone

Mountains maybe high to climb but never too steep
Exhausted and broken spirited you can not give into defeat
Because behind each new horizon is the dawn of a new day
This is path God intended and this is where I shall stay

Life sometimes bring you down a road you never envisioned
Its in these moments you may question his decisions
You gravel for anything to hold onto something to call your own
Its in these defining moments you shall never walk alone

Whether you find comfort in your mothers touch
Quarterback for your favorvite time that you adore so much
Smile that a friend brings to your face
These are what give you peace too keep your pace

God planted a seed for the earth to receive
In my mothers womb her safe vessel I was conceived
Now its time to start my own journey wherever I my roam
I have faith because I know I shall never walk alone

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Comment by Bobby Z on November 4, 2012 at 10:20am

great little poem

Comment by Bobby Z on November 4, 2012 at 10:20am

cool ...the compassion thing is the only real is eternal the rest just fllls away eventually....i hang out with several disabled people and they can be the coolest,kindest sweetest deepest and i learn more from them....than the yuppie types........keep on the good work

Comment by Bobby Z on February 20, 2010 at 12:05am
quite sad and i can feel that tide pull me under.....good lessons in tough times but what is the limit of suffering and sadness.. my new thing is to feel the sadness and go all the way through to fully identify it but with this poem its gettin pretty heavy......ill have to get back to it



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