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We all either have friend,family member or know of someone who is dealing with mental illness themselves or the caretakers of someone who is. I am part of a taboo group someone who child is suffering and I can only be a bystander in their journey a cheerleader I suppose on a team that is participating in a game with no rules or regulations, I will post some poems written for both sides one of caretakers and one of the people dealing with this on a daily basis.

Cast A Stone

Cast your stones into the air
Their weight will carry them into my despair
Make sure your judgements marks are permantently placed
Crazy pyhsco the images that cant be erased
So easy it must be high horse in which you sit
Dont want to get your white coat dirty or are you scared it just might fit
So tightly the reins of sanity secure us into society based facade
Stay within the bounardies good character is what they will provide
Too slightly cross that line too need help guidance in which way to steer
Labels you someone not normal something they always fear
Ignorance is the tool with each turn of knot it gets tighter
Until it suffocates their own thoughts their cruelty turns you into a fighter
I light this candle for weak minded by accident or no fault of their own
My prayers your actions in which you need to condone
I pray
You never have find your way through circles of hestiation in your head
I pray
Nightmares dont haunt your peace as close your eyes to go to bed
I pray
You never have to search for the words to express whats on tip of your tongue
mostly I pray
You never have to apologize in the eyes of child whose innocence has come undone
So pick up stones carefully I hope you know where they belong
I have a faith with that you can not break because I am strong

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Comment by Bobby Z on January 14, 2010 at 12:45am
most of us have been childishly judgemental at one time or other. the wise ones become aware of that mistake of putting negativity on another soul as sacred as our own. then the path of truth opens further to reveal that love is the only real power in ultimate reality. you cant lie to the truth of your own mind and on the soul level it knows the truth, for the mind is truth by its very nature. it is simply programming from this insane and primitve world that took us away from our true selves and we are all one. also ive studied psychology and new age thinking for 25 years and have known many dysfunctional people. my experience shows me that everyone has the sickness of sadness from our fallen condition. the sanest ones have chosen the higher path and evolved. most do not grow. which is too horrible to think about. especially in comparison to the infinite potential we all have. incidentally i've discovered the humour and irony in the fact that the craziest or often actually the sanest, just rebelling to get away from those who are truly lost.



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