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MapleStory will host a retro-themed arcade adventure on March 6th

Los Angeles - The iconic free global MMORPG from Nexon MapleStory invites players to participate in the latest Retro World 8 event, plus more MapleStory: Arcade Adventures updates will arrive on March 6.

With the retro world event, from March 6th to April 9th, characters of level 61 and above can join various activities and bring them to the original world, where they can capture monsters, collect coins, practice evasion And jumping to prevent getting into traps, etc.

The Retro World event began on March 6th and includes:
Go back to the original world! : Players can defeat the monsters inside to upgrade their level, get vintage world promotion coupons and receive special bonuses.
Eliminate bug monsters! : Retro World Monsters will begin to Maplestory M Mesos appear in Maple World. Players who destroy monsters can get EXP, mesos, and coins.
Calling the goddess: If the player is very familiar with the map of the game, the player can pass the special skills of the ancient retro world goddess. When they use this skill, the player will get extra coins after destroying the monster.

Besides, players will participate in two fun mini-games that provide important practice challenges. The Retro World also brings the dungeons of the Devil's Tower, which includes four stages, which you must complete before defeating the Demon Boss.

In the Case Notes theme dungeon, MapleStory also invites players to bring their detective hats and detective trench coats, and 175 or more characters can take the risk when using the main investigator Rave. Since they defeated the latest monsters, players will be responsible for Maplestory Mobile Mesos exposing the evil plots from the lawless Savage terminal city. Players who complete the Dungeon will receive the Honorary Assistant Medal from Detective Rave.

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