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Maplestory M is a game for players with less time.

Let us continue with the article yesterday.

Whenever your character reaches level 20, the automatic battle will be unlocked. When you turn on automatic combat, it will allow the player's character to automatically attack and kill those monsters that are displayed on the map. When the automatic battle begins, your character will automatically find the monster on the map and defeat it, then you will gain experience and get a lot of resources.

During an automatic match, the characters don't die or get hurt, so if they use potions or the monsters they might face are too weak, they may die. Once the automatic battle is over, you will need to hand over funds to exchange for the crystal, and the currency in the game will serve as a way to Cheap Maplestory M Mesos extend your automatic battle. This is great for players who want to improve their roles without spending a lot of time.

Two of my favorite new features are allowing you to do multitasking. When you use your phone to play other apps or perform other projects in Maplestory M, Auto Quest and Auto Battle will continue to run without anyone knowing.

This is not possible in the original game. If you want to upgrade your character, you need to spend a lot of time playing. Now, your character can hone and handle tasks without letting your efforts be wasted. You will enjoy very valuable moments in the game, such as interacting with other people in Buy Maplestory M Mesos your guild and elite dungeons.

Maplestory M brings back Maplestory again in a way I didn't expect. With the launch of the Auto Quest and Auto Battle features, you can enjoy the overall game. Whether you're playing Maplestory since 2003, or just watching the game, you'll love Maplestory M.

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