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MapleStory M adds Marksman and Buccaneer Explorer classes

Nexon has released a major update to Mobile MapleStory M, which begins with the launch of two new explorer categories, Buccaneer and Marksman.

The Buccaneer Explorer allows players to perform exciting melee battles with overwhelming charging attacks. This change makes the players very excited because many players prefer melee attacks and increase the irritability. At the same time, shooter explorers use cockroaches to gain higher fatal damage at close range. This comparison tests the player's skills, the better the players operate, the higher the damage.

These explorers have joined some roles, so they are ready to challenge the nearest expedition boss: the fallen Queen Swan. After defeating Corrupted Empress Cygnus, players will get a fantasy stone that can be used to make "Queen's Gear Set".
This update also provides link skills and auxiliary weapons for MapleStory M. Linking skills allow players to release special skills that are not fixed, so players who are lucky may encounter special skills that suit them. With auxiliary weapons, players can equip two weapons for a combination of intense and diverse attacks.

Starting today, exciting in-game activities may be offered, including:
New Explorer Burning Event: Until June 19th, new explorers between the ages of 3 and 75 will receive 3 bonus levels each time they upgrade.
New Explorer Growth Support: Until June 19th, newly created explorers who reach a certain level will receive a special growth support box.
New explorers celebrate on time: until May 30th, players who log in to the game will receive special rewards, including pet packages, character slot coupons
Turnabout event: Until June 6, players may win unique rewards by opening the Turnabout event box.
BBQ: From June 6th to June 19th, players will get delicious barbecue recipes through hunting and make delicious smoked lyrics after cooking mini-games.

The above may be the general content of the main update. This update enriches your character skills, allowing players to inflict more damage while fighting enemies, providing an exciting experience for participants.

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